Police arrest 4 for operating while intoxicated over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Huron Township police stepped-up their patrols during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, resulting in four operating while intoxicated arrests.

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Police made a total of 330 traffic stops from March 16-18 and issued 326 citations.

The enforcement period included the NCAA basketball tournament, college spring break, and St. Patrick’s Day.

In addition to the four OWI arrests, 23 other arrests were made, including 12 arrests for driving on a suspended license, seven arrested for misdemeanor warrants, two arrested on felony warrants, and two on miscellaneous misdemeanor warrants.

The goal of this enforcement was to provide high visibility traffic enforcement throughout Huron Township. This was a proactive approach towards solving a problem before it happened,” said Public Saftey Director Everette Robbins.



Police to beef-up patrols on St. Patrick’s Day

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

You know the saying– “drive sober or get pulled over.”

In Huron Township, police will beef-up patrols Saturday during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

The traffic unit will be on high alert all day looking for impaired drivers.

“We realize that this is a day that many people look forward to all year. We want people to enjoy themselves, but if you decide to drink, find a driver that can get you home safely. Don’t endanger the lives of others by deciding to drink and drive. We are committed to protecting our residents and promise to hold intoxicated drivers accountable. Again, if you must drink, be smart and do the right thing,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

Here are some statistics about impaired driving, courtesy of Huron Township Police Department:

In 2015, 384 people died in Michigan in alcohol and/or drug-involved traffic crashes, an increase from 319 deaths in 2014, according to Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center.

In 2015, 2,182 people in Michigan were arrested for drunk driving during the NCAA tournament
time of March 17 through April 6.

Of those arrested in 2015, 672 were charged under the state’s high blood-alcohol law.

In Michigan, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, although
motorists can be arrested at any BAC level if an officer believes they are impaired.

Motorists face enhanced penalties if arrested for a first-time drunk driving offense with a .17 BAC or higher. Grant-funded impaired driving enforcement is part of Michigan’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in 2013.

Police ask that if you see someone driving drunk, call 911 when it’s safe to do so, and give a description of the vehicle to law enforcement.

With one-third of all crash fatalities in the United States involving drunk drivers, police say it is your business.

Getting drunk drivers off the roads saves lives.

Huron Township police sergeant promoted to lieutenant

Public Safety Director Everette Robbins pins a lieutenant badge on Bryan Tyitye. All Photos courtesy of Huron Township Department of Public Safety.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Bryan Tyitye, a veteran officer who has worked with Huron Township police since 1995, was promoted to lieutenant during the March 14 Board of Trustees meeting.

Tyitye was surrounded by his wife, daughters, grandchildren, and fellow officers during the unanimous decision by the board.

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Tyitye has spent much of his career with Huron police as a school liaison officer, DARE Officer, and assisted in launching the explorer program and safety village.

He was promoted to sergeant in 2015, was named supervisor of the year in 2016, and is a recent graduate of Secret Service Computer Forensics Program.

He graduated from Eastern Michigan University’s School of Staff and Command in 2017 and is responsible for the internal technology of the department, which includes reporting systems, in-car computers, and forensic computers.

Additionally, he is responsible for the fleet and maintenance of the department’s police vehicles.

“Lt. Tyitye is the type of person and employee that we all challenge ourselves to be. He has always put the children of this township first and has had a positive impact on so many young lives. This promotion is well deserved, and I couldn’t be happier for Bryan and his wonderful family,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“It was a proud moment for us to promote Lt. Tyitye with his family at his side. What often gets lost in our profession is the effect that our job can have on our families and how important a family support system can be. I know they are as proud of him as we are.”

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Huron Hub celebrates its fourth year serving the community with news and events

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Today marks the fourth year that The Huron Hub has been an independent and free news source for the Huron Township community.

Since March 2014, “The Hub” has reached nearly 800,000 people, posted almost 800 news and event articles, and has reached thousands on social media.

I’d say that’s not bad for a small, humble, one-man-show news operation serving a community of over 15,000 residents.

Every click, share, and mention means a lot to me.

Thanks to all of the residents who have spread the word, and to the handful of advertisers that have decided to give my website a try in getting the word out about their business or organization.

I hope this is viewed as an asset to the community. Non-biased, straightforward information can be hard to come by these days, especially on the internet.

My promise to readers is that this is how The Huron Hub will always be– free of nonsense and rumor.

This operation will never be prefect, and every single thing that happens around here may not make it to the website. I try my hardest to stay informed and keep my readers informed in a timely matter.

This is where you can help.

I encourage community engagement and would love to have residents and community members submit more information to me, including letters to the editor, guest articles, and photo submissions.

These can be sent by emailing Editor@Huronhub.com, or through the website’s contact page.

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Every bit helps.

Thank you, Huron-area readers!

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Check out Huron-Clinton Metroparks’ April events

Check out some upcoming events scheduled at the local Huron-Clinton Metroparks:

Saturday, April 7 at 7 a.m.
Lake Erie Marshlands Museum, Brownstown
Donuts, coffee, and a nature walk. What a great way to start your weekend! Join us!
Please pre-register at 734-379-5020. Donation.

Saturday, April 7 at 10 a.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Tadpoles is a nature series for children ages 2-5.
Each month features a different nature-related theme.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $4

Saturday, April 7 at 10 a.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Explorer’s Club is a nature series for children ages 6 and up.
Each month features a different nature-related theme.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $4

Saturday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Bog-sucker and Timberdoodle are just some of the names that refer to the quirky little bird known as the American
Woodcock. Join us for a quick indoor overview of the Woodcock, followed by a trip outdoors to witness the calls and
dance of the male. Wear waterproof shoes….they are called “bog-suckers” after all.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $6 adult; $4 child.

Saturday, April 14 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
We will begin with a program discussing the bats species found in our area; then we will build a bat house that you can
take home. Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $12

Saturday, April 14 at 10 a.m
Lake Erie Marshlands Museum , Brownstown
Learn about the life and ways of the white-tailed deer, one of Michigan’s favorite animals.
Please pre-register at 734-379-5020. $5 adult, $3 child

Saturday, April 14 at 6 p.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Being a Hobo was not a matter of being poor, it was a way of life for many adventurers who traveled the rails in search
of something better. Join our Interpreters in the “Hobo Jungle” and experience this unique way of life enjoyed by many.
Make your own “Hobo Cup” to take home. We will add beans to a pot to make a delicious Hobo stew!
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $8

Saturday, April 21st at 10 a.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Help us in our attempt to keep Oakwoods clean and beautiful by tidying up the park.
A free lunch for participants will be served afterward.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. All ages—FREE.

Saturday, April 21 at 10 a.m.
Lake Erie Marshlands Museum, Brownstown
Help keep Lake Erie Metropark clean! Join us as we clean along the shoreline. Please pre-register at 734-379-5020. FREE!

Saturday, April 21 at 1 p.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Celebrate Earth Day by making some fun and unique crafts using recycled materials.
Discover ways that you can help Mother Earth while creating special keepsakes.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $4

Saturday, April 28 at 10 a.m.
Oakwoods Nature Center, Flat Rock
Grab your “passport” and hit the trails for an adventure highlighting all things arboreal (relating to trees, that is!!)
Learn fun facts, get hands0on, and discover why these wonderful giants are so important to us all.
Please pre-register at 734-782-3956. $4

Saturday, April 28 at 2 p.m.
Lake Erie Marshlands Museum, Brownstown
Migrating songbirds from the tropics pour into S.E. MI during the Spring months. Join an Interpreter as we explore
the park looking for our well-travelled feathered friends! If you have binoculars, please bring them. If you don’t,
you can borrow some of ours! Please pre-register at 734-379-5020. $5 adult, $3 child

Sunday, April 29 at 2 p.m.
Lake Erie Marshlands Museum, Brownstown
The Marshlands Museum has over 2,000 items in its collection. Guided by an interpreter, this program series
gives visitors a chance to investigate in detail some of the rarely seen items from the backroom.
If you have ever wondered what we have, now is your chance!
Please pre-register at 7340379-5020. $5 adult, $3 child

Check-out more about the parks by visiting www.metroparks.com.

Source: Huron-Clinton Metroparks

Suspicious note found at Miller Elementary determined to be non-threatening

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

A suspicious note found Wednesday inside Miller Elementary in New Boston that prompted a school lock-down has been determined by police to be non-threatening.

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Police Chief Everette Robbins said the school resource officer and detective bureau worked late into the evening Wednesday and the student who wrote the suspicious note was identified as an 11-year-old Miller Elementary 5th Grader.

The student was located and is cooperating with the investigation.

The initial investigation determined that the suspicious note was not intended by the student to be a threat.

School administration is handling the situation internally with the student and their parents,  who are fully cooperative, according to Robbins.

“The note contained some key words that triggered concern and an investigation. In response to any potential threat, we will always take the position to overreact rather than underreact. I do not believe there was ever any threat to the safety of the students in this instance,” Robbins said.