Dangerous winds forecasted for Friday

A high wind warning has been issued for the region through Friday evening.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Dangerous winds have arrived in Huron Township and will last through the evening.

A high wind warning is in effect from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Southwest winds will bring 20 to 30 mph gusts during the late
morning and early afternoon.

Winds will shift westerly during the afternoon with gusts reaching 45 to 55 mph.

Gusts will be strongest during the afternoon hours.

Hazardous driving is possible for high profile vehicles, and unsecured outdoor objects could blow around.

Tree damage and power outages are also expected throughout the region.

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Burning restricted Tuesday in Michigan

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Burning outdoors is restricted Tuesday in Michigan.

A red flag warning is in effect from noon today to 8 p.m.

A red flag warning means that critical fire conditions are either occurring now or will soon.

A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures can
contribute to rapid fire behavior.

Southwest winds of 15 to 20 mph with gusts of 25 to 35 mph will occur this
afternoon as temperatures will rise into the upper 70s to lower 80s.

Any fires that develop will likely spread rapidly and outdoor burning is strongly discouraged.

Here is the agenda for Wednesday’s board meeting

Scott Bolthouse–The Huron Hub

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Here is the agenda for the April 25 Board of Trustees meeting.

For more information about agenda items, visit the township’s civic portal, where you can view an attachment file linked to each item providing more details.

The board meets Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Township Hall, 22950 Huron River Drive in New Boston.

Volunteers needed to plant trees at Lajko Park Friday

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com
Updated Tuesday, 11 a.m.

Non-profit tree organization ReLeaf Michigan is partnering with Huron Township, Huron Township Rotary, Huron Township Parks and Recreation, and the DTE Energy Foundation to plant trees on Friday, April 27 at Lajko Park, 22700 Huron River Drive in New Boston.

Volunteers are needed for this project, and families are encouraged to participate.

ReLeaf Michigan tree specialists will be at the event to help volunteers learn how to correctly plant and maintain the trees.

Volunteers are asked to wear closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing and bring a shovel, gloves, and other appropriate tools.

The group will meet at Lajko Park at 8:45 a.m. Friday morning.

Event occurs rain or shine and no planting experience is necessary.

ReLeaf Michigan, a non-profit organization, partners with communities statewide to replenish our tree canopies through tree planting events. Trees provide many benefits to communities such as shade, improving economic vitality of commercial districts, absorbing storm water, and reducing carbon in our atmosphere.

Directions to the park:

This article has been updated to reflect the correct day of the event

Police use Narcan to revive man who overdosed on opioid in Huron Township

Naloxone, commonly referred to as Narcan, is used to treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. Photo courtesy Huron Township Department of Public Safety.

Police revived the man who had overdosed on an opioid, just days after the department received training on how to use antidote Narcan

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Police revived a man using opioid antidote Narcan April 20 after he overdosed and had become unresponsive while driving through Huron Township with a friend.

Police were called to Chapp’s Gas Station, 37333 South Huron Road regarding an unresponsive 33-year-old who had just allegedly overdosed on an opioid.

The man was in a car with a friend, who had called 911 and stopped at the gas station during the overdose.

Public Saftey Director Everette Robbins said police were on scene within two minutes and could see the man was limp and unresponsive with a faint pulse.

The officer delivered Narcan through the man’s nose and he became responsive and alert about five minutes later.

He was then transported to Beaumont Hospital-Trenton for further evaluation.

Just days before on April 17, the Huron Township Police Department hosted training from the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority on police officer use of Narcan.

At the end of the training, officers and dispatch staff received certification to have Narcan on-hand and administer it to those in a narcotic overdose situation.

“I realize that the use of Narcan has become a controversial topic nationally. However, our job is to use all the tools we have to save lives and that is just what we did. Fortunately, we had an officer close and he was able to get to the victim and treat him quickly. We appreciate the training and partnership with Wayne County. The system worked just was it was supposed to and ultimately saved a life,” Robbins said.

“Last year, 64,000 people died of opioid overdose. It is an epidemic that is affecting many people’s sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. My hope is that those that we can save will take advantage of their second chance.”

Narcan blocks or reverses the effects of opioid medication, including extreme drowsiness, slowed breathing, or loss of consciousness.

The Huron Township Fire Department also carries Narcan for similar emergency situations.

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Hundreds still without power in Huron Township

Photo courtesy DTE Energy

DTE says 90 precent of customers should be restored by 11:30 p.m. Tuesday

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Hundreds of Huron Township residents are still without power Tuesday morning following the devastating ice storm that hit Sunday morning which brought areas of southeast Michigan to a screeching halt.

The DTE outage map shows hundreds of customers, especially on the west side of I-275, are still without power.

DTE estimates that all customers should have power resorted by 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

“Being without power is frustrating and we apologize for the inconvenience. We expect that 90 percent of our customers will have power restored by end of day Tuesday,” DTE said in a statement.

“We will have over 1,000 workers in the field helping to restore customers today, along with an expected 600 workers from five other states – Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.”

Some localized outages may take longer to restore, with some estimates on the outage map citing Wednesday or Thursday for restoration.

Miller Elementary in New Boston was closed both Monday and Tuesday due to the outage.

Many areas of the township remain without power.

“We’ve been without since Sunday morning at 5:30. Our estimate is 11:30 tomorrow night. We have a generator and three heaters going. And we are layering,” said Huron resident Dana Ferguson, who responded to a Facebook post about how she and her family are staying warm during the outage.

Huron resident Paula Banas responded on Facebook and said that “Sumpter and Willow (are still without power) but I work at Dollar General and Blue Sky and both are still with out power,” she said. “Blue Sky is open running on generators.”

DTE said as of 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, they have restored power to more than 245,000 customers in southeast Michigan impacted by the ice storm.

The storm, according to DTE, impacted a total of 390,000 customers in the region.

Customers can use the DTE Energy mobile app, or visit dteenergy.com, to get a restoration estimate for their address.

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Cady appoints Julie Martin as deputy clerk

Deputy Clerk Julie Martin

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Recently appointed Clerk Jeremy Cady has chosen Julie Martin as his deputy clerk.

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Martin, a resident of Huron Township for 25 years, has been working at Township Hall as payroll clerk for the last two years.

She has experience with six years as an election worker, four years as a recruiting specialist, three years as a customer service representative and seven years as an administrative assistant.

“Julie Martin has been invaluable to the employees of Huron Township as well as the residents in the past two years she has been with the township,” Cady said.

The deputy clerk serves under the township clerk and is required by law to act in the absence of the clerk under several situations.

“Julie has shown her ability to be an extremely dependable public servant and I am extremely fortunate to have been able to appoint a deputy who will truly be an asset to me and to the clerk’s office. This is the type of team I want to put together to serve the residents of our township as well as the employees of the township,” Cady said.

Martin is a wife, mother of four, a grandmother to three granddaughters, and is an active member in St. Stephen Catholic Church.