Meet the candidates: Jamie Grant running for seat on Huron Board of Education

Photo submitted by Jamie Grant

Meet the candidates column  
The Huron Hub 
Posted Oct. 23, 2020

Editor’s note: As the 2020 election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Recently, every person running on the Huron Township ballot was invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters in this column are submitted by the candidates themselves and are not edited by Huron Hub staff. Letters are posted in the order they are received, and candidates had until Oct. 12 to submit their letters. Letters will not be accepted from the candidates after Oct. 12. 

Readers can access all candidate letters on a special section of HERE

The following letter was submitted by Jamie Grant:

Hello, my name is Jamie Grant, and I am running for the Huron School Board.  I currently live in the District with my wife Krissy and my two sons Connor, a freshman at Huron and Zennon, a 7th grader at Renton.  I am a proud graduate from Huron High School, Class of ’92.  After graduation I:

Attended Grand Valley State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Sports Medicine

Captain of the Hockey team

Founding Father of Alpha Sigma Phi

President, Service chair, Alumni relations, many more positions

Served as an Undergraduate Rep to the Grand Council (National Board)

Member of Phi Epsilon Kappa (Professional Fraternity for Physical Education and Sports Medicine)

President, Service Chair

Attended Wayne State University

Master’s in Education

Guest speaker for Undergraduate classes

Treasurer Advisor to Alpha Sigma Phi Chapter (2 years)

Leonard Elementary (Troy School District)

20 years as the Physical Education for K-5

10 years as the Elementary Department Head for Physical Education

3 years as the Character Education Chair

2 years on the Elementary Task force District wide committee

Attended and Presented at many local and national conferences for Physical Education and Character Education

In the past I have served:

6 years on Leonard Leadership team; 3 years as the Leader

Elementary report card District wide committee

I have been part of many teams in my life, but no matter if I am leading them or serving on them, I know that it is not about me but about the team.  It is about Huron School District.  If elected to the School Board I will help make Huron a world class district.  I will take what the school board is doing now and help improve it.  I plan on visiting the schools to listen to the students, teachers, administrators, and parents to see how I can help improve the district.  Some of the areas that I do think need work are:

Communication.  The district needs to be more transparent to teachers, parents, and students.  These stakeholders need to be more informed on what the district is doing and the vision on where the district is going.  I would like to see the school board come up with a Vision plan on where the district plans on going for the next 5 years.  The board needs to make that plan public so the community can hold them accountable for it.

Curriculum.  The district curriculum needs to help empower students so they can connect their learning to their world around them and prepare our students for higher education after high school.  I would like to see the district create a teaching and learning team that would evaluate our current curriculum but explore new options.  I would like to see this teaching and learning team be responsible for educating our teachers on the best practices of the curriculum.  This team would be responsible for the constant Professional Development and support of our teachers, so our teachers could increase their teaching knowledge and in turn help our students increase their education.

Character of Students.  The district needs to attend to students’ social and emotional well-being, so students are prepared to deal with this ever-changing world.  I believe during this pandemic we have learned about the importance of being able to cope with our ever-changing world.  I believe as educators; it is our responsibility to help our youth to create coping mechanisms to help them relate to the world around them.

These are only a few changes that I can see that would benefit our district.  Going into the buildings would help me further understand what is still needed to make this district world class.  Listening to the people on the front lines and in our community is the best way of understanding how I can help you.  If elected to the school board, I am willing to do what it takes to help this district move forward in a positive way.

To learn more about me please go to where I answer many questions about running for a School Board position.



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