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Frost advisory issued for southeast Michigan

Posted by The Huron Hub on Oct. 14, 2019

A frost advisory has been issued for late tonight.

Conditions will be favorable for frost formation and sensitive vegetation may need to be covered or otherwise protected.

View the image below from the National Weather Service for more information:



Big weather change forecasted for this weekend

Posted by The Huron Hub on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

A big weather change will arrive just in time for Saturday morning.

Fall has generally been beautiful so far, but forecasters say the warm sunny days will switch over to a distinct chill by the weekend, and it may not bounce back.

A strong cold front will blow through Michigan Friday night.

After showers, and possibly even a thunderstorm Friday and Friday night, much cooler air will likely be a body-shocker by Saturday morning.

Here is the future forecast from The National Weather Service:

(National Weather Service)


Fall puts on a show in Michigan, but what’s the purpose?

Fall colors seen in Huron Township. (Archive photo by Scott Bolthouse — The Huron Hub)

Causes, common misconceptions, and opportunities to enjoy the annual fall show

Submitted by: Huron-Clinton Metroparks

As the leaves begin their annual autumn color change, there’s no better time to get out and explore the beautiful natural scenery in Michigan. Typically, peak season to experience fall colors in southeast Michigan is around mid-October. But the reason behind nature’s annual show is a mystery to many.

“There’s nothing like the vibrant colors of autumn in Michigan,” said Amy McMillan, Director at the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority. “Everywhere you look is a one-of-a-kind color palette. While it’s beautiful to witness, it’s also an essential process to protect our trees. It helps ensure that trees are prepared to survive the upcoming winter.”

The simple answer behind the color change is declining daylight, which signals to trees that winter is coming. Leaves get their green color from chlorophyll that is produced through photosynthesis. When the days shorten, the process slows. Veins that connect leaves to the tree to share nutrients and water are eventually closed off and no new chlorophyll is produced. Other sugars like carotenoid can then shine through to show off the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows associated with autumn.

“The colors are there the whole time,” said Kevin Arnold, Southern District Interpretive Supervisor at the Metroparks. “As the days shorten, they finally get the opportunity to shine through as chlorophyll production slows and eventually stops. It’s a common misconception that cold weather is the key factor for the color change. Shorter days actually have the greatest influence. It’s also a safety mechanism for trees. Trees store nutrients to ensure growth in spring. By sealing off the leaves, trees are able to retain the needed nutrients in their roots.”

After they are sealed off, leaves eventually are shed from the tree. Many people think the show ends there as the leaves should then be raked and bagged. However, this is another common misconception. It’s not actually necessary to rake leaves. In fact, fallen leaves are good for the soil. They form a protective layer on the ground that helps release and retain nutrients, which supports a strong ecosystem.

While a variety of factors make it hard to pinpoint when exactly peak color season will occur, there are many reports that work to predict when it will hit. Visitors looking to experience peak fall colors can learn more here.

As that time quickly approaches here in southeast Michigan, it’s also important to be aware of the best places to get out and see the brilliant colors. The Metroparks have opportunities for individuals and families to explore on their own or take part in group activities. With 13 Metroparks across five counties in southeast Michigan, there are many chances to enjoy the show.

“The colors of autumn make it one of the best seasons to get out and explore your local parks. And there’s plenty of chances to do so across the Metroparks, whether you’re a photographer looking to capture the scenes or a family who wants to spend a Saturday enjoying the colors,” said McMillan.

To learn more about the fall experience at the Huron-Clinton Metroparks, please visit


The weather looks good for Applefest weekend


Alice Sheats — better known as Apple Annie — rides as grand marshal in the Applefest parade during the 2014 festival. (Archive photo by Scott Bolthouse — The Huron Hub)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Posted Thursday, Oct. 4, 2019

Applefest is upon us.

It’s the township’s most popular event annually, with over 100,000 people estimated as attending each year.

Check out our Huron Township Applefest article for more info about the festival

Whether you’re visiting, working in a booth, or walking in the parade, each year our biggest concern is the weather.

Sometimes it can be dreadful during this first weekend in October.

Well, good news for the festival this year. The weather looks great.

According to the forecast from Weather Underground, it’s going to be mostly sunny and mild on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday will be the warmest day.

Rain chances are possible early Sunday morning, but it looks like the rain will be out of here by 8 a.m.

(Weather Underground forecast for New Boston as of Friday, Oct. 4, 2019 — 9 a.m.)

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Final round of severe storms possible this afternoon

(Huron Hub file photo)

Posted by The Huron Hub on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 — 8:00 AM

It’s been a stormy week in Michigan.

Severe thunderstorms on Wednesday bring heavy rain, high winds to parts of the state

Today will bring the third and final round of a severe weather possibility here in southeast Michigan this week, according to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.

Severe weather is possible in southeast Michigan after 2 p.m.

This includes high winds, hail, and downpours.

After today, summer-like temperatures and several dry days are in the forecast beginning on Saturday and lasting through next week.

(Severe weather forecast from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center for Friday, September 13, 2019)


Summer-like temperatures to return this week

Posted by The Huron Hub on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019

Hopefully you didn’t power down the air conditioner just yet.

As the summer season starts to transition to more fall-like temperatures, we have to remember that some days in September can still get pretty toasty.

The week ahead will feature a mixture of steamy temps, rain and showers, sunny weather, and some 70 degree days.

Nighttime lows are also forecasted to be a roller coaster ride this week.

Check out the forecast: