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Letter to the editor: Vote yes for our Huron Chiefs

Madeleine Furkas

Letter to the editor published April 10, 2019 — 10:30 a.m. EST 

Vote Yes for Our Huron Chiefs!

As an eighth grade student at Renton Junior High who is excited to go to the high school in the fall, it would be beneficial to all students if the bond was passed. The bond proposal will provide secure-entry doors that will make our buildings safer, additional classrooms and labs with new technology that can help students learn the curriculum using 21st century methods, new drinking fountains that will allow us to refill throughout the day, and more lockers and parking spaces to accommodate our growing student body. I’m also a member of the cross country and track teams and a new track would help our team remain competitive in the Huron League and improve our sports’ facilities.

On May 7, I hope that you’ll be voting yes to support our students and community.

Thank you,
Madeleine Furkas, Renton Middle School student

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Where is your favorite fish fry?

(Hub file photo)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub |

Published March 6, 2019 — 9:30 a.m. EST

Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season, and for many, it’s also a great time to seek-out a delicious fish fry.

That begs the question: who does the best fish fry in the Huron Township area?

We want to hear from you.

Give us feedback in the comments section of this article with the location information of your favorite sport, or post your responses on our our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Once all of the responses are in, we’ll update this article with the best fish fries around.


Addressing balance issues in older persons can be a life saver


Public service announcement published March 6, 2019 — 8 a.m. EST 

Many people experience increasing difficulty with balance and safe mobility as they age, which leads to the common and serious problem of falls. These problems are associated with loss of confidence and decreasing ability to function independently. In many cases it leads to the consideration of institutional care. Injuries from falls are a major cause of death in the older population. Fortunately, most causes of falls and instability can be treated successfully and the risk of falling reduced. The Michigan Podiatric Medical Association (MPMA) answers some common questions about balance issues.

How common are falls and balance problems in older persons?
Each year, falls occur in over a third of persons over age 65, and in over half of persons over age 75. About a third of the older population reports some difficulty with balance or ambulation. This percentage increases in frequency and severity after age 75.

What are the major causes of falls?
The most common causes of falls include environmental hazards (such as slippery floors and loose rugs), weak muscles, unstable balance, dizziness, vision problems and side effects from medications (such as dizziness and confusion).

How can I tell if I am at risk for falling?
The most important predictors of fall risk include: muscle weakness (difficulty rising from a sitting position without use of hands to push off); unsteady balance (needing to walk slowly or with a wide base of support to maintain balance); having fallen in the past year; and taking certain medications (some blood pressure medications as well as psychoactive medications, such as sedatives or anti-depressants).

What can I do to decrease my chances of falling?
Ask your MPMA doctor to evaluate your strength, balance, gait, entire medication list and overall risk factors for falls. The chances are good that there will be a number of things that can be done to reduce fall risk, such as adjusting medications, obtaining physical therapy, starting an exercise regimen, or receiving an assistive device such as a cane or walker, to make walking safer.

How can I make my home environment safer?
There are many pamphlets available to assist in hazard-proofing your home environment. Alternatively, a home health provider, such as a visiting nurse or occupational therapist, can come to your home and provide a hands-on inspection and set of recommendations. Common recommendations include installing bathroom grab bars, improving lighting in key areas, removing hazardous conditions on the floor, and making stairways and entrance areas safer.

What kind of walking aids are available and whom should I talk to about getting the right product?
A whole spectrum of walking aids are widely available, ranging from simple canes to elaborate types of walkers and wheelchairs. Any walking aid should be carefully measured to the right size and provide the optimal level of stability without creating too much dependency. Your MPMA doctor can help you with proper fit and advice.

To find an MPMA podiatrist near you, visit

About the MPMA:
The Michigan Podiatric Medical Association (MPMA) has been dedicated to serving and protecting the public’s podiatric health and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct among its members for over 100 years. The four main objectives of the organization are: to improve the quality of foot care; to promote the importance of foot health among the general public and health care professionals throughout the state; to increase awareness of the art and science of podiatric medicine and surgery; and to provide continuing medical education to podiatrists.

Source: MPMA


4th annual Swift Transportation Christmas dinner for veterans to be held Dec. 16; Michigan Memorial Funeral Home joins to accept donations for veterans

Swift family volunteers pictured with Huron Township volunteers and Santa Claus during last year’s event. (Photos courtesy of Swift Transportation)

This will be our fourth year hosting this wonderful event and with each passing year it grows. It is hard to find the right words to express just how much this dinner means to us, to the awesome people who support it and for the ones who attend. This event is open to the public; if you have never attended please try to come this year.

Each year we are able to do a little bit more to help our veterans and their families. This is all due to the support of our communities, families and our veterans. And this year is no different and we have a lot of help making it all happen. I like to recognize some of the wonderful people from Huron Township. Their support, hard work and giving hearts have made a difference in many lives.

Thank you to Amy Niemann and each of her students from Brown and Miller Elementary Schools. Amy and her students have been making a positive difference in the lives of our veterans and our deployed troops from the very start of this event. For the last four years, thousands of cards Amy and her students have made were given to our veterans and sent to our deployed troops. Their support has been shown worldwide. To each student over the last four years and to Amy, I say to you, thank you for caring. Your thoughtfulness has and will continue to shine brightly to each person your cards have touched. You do make a difference.
Angie and Katie Greene have been supporters from the start, too. Not only did Katie take part in all the wonderful cards that were made but she helps with the dinner each year. She cleans tables, helps restock the buffet, and she is one of Santa’s helpers. Ms. Katie also helps her mother, Mrs. Angie Greene organize the raffle table. Mrs. Angie Greene collects raffle items, helps with the tickets and she helps with one of the hardest tasks, food shopping for the dinner. The Greene family has been supportive and very involved in this event from day one. Thank you for making a difference.

Mary Ann Rowland, thank you for joining us last year. From the time you called me last year stating, “I want to help. What do you want me to do?” you have not stopped with your support. Not only does Mary Ann help with raffle items, donations, preparations for the dinner, she has the inside scoop on Santa! I am about to share a secret with all the kids… Mary Ann is Mrs. Claus! Thank you very much for everything you do and for making a difference.

From the individuals to corporate supporters, you all have made a difference. I would particularly like to thank two of our corporate supporters Huron Township.

Chapp and Bushey Oil Co. You have always been a huge supporter of the community and willingly make a positive difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for supporting our wonderful event over the years.

Photos: Last year’s Christmas dinner for veterans

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This year one company made a very generous donation toward this event that will make a huge impact and we hope that you will be at the event to share this with us. Their generosity made it possible for us to transport homeless veterans to attend the dinner in their honor; with their generous support the transportation costs were covered.  Thank you Michigan Memorial Funeral Home for make this possible and making a difference.

Not only did Michigan Memorial Funeral Home make a generous donation, they also offered to be the collection site for the homeless veterans care backpacks. With the help of Mary Ann Rowland and the point person for the Eternal Knights Masonic Riding Association from Southgate, Debbie Taylor, this awesome group will ensure that our veterans will have some of the basic items they need. When we call do a little we accomplish a lot. Donations will be accepted at Michigan Memorial through Nov. 10.

It takes a lot of volunteers to help with this event and the Eternal Knights Masonic Riding Association jumped right in and has been giving 110% to make this another great day for our veterans. Not only are they heading up the veterans care backpacks they support this event until the last table is cleaned after the dinner. This is an awesome group of people who can inspire you to get involved and do more. Thank you, Debbie Taylor and the Eternal Knights Masonic Riding Association.

For more information about Michigan Memorial’s donation drive, please click here

There are a lot of people who make this day possible for our veterans but the one thing that really stands out is the food. Succulent turkey, mouthwatering ham, creamy hot gravy, fluffy buttery potatoes, sweet and savory sweet potatoes, tender green bean casserole, warm fragrant dressing and hot fresh rolls. This excellent food is prepared by the students of the Riverview High School Culinary Program. These future chefs come from many different school districts and put so much love and time into preparing this excellent dinner… it shows in their end result. Thank you to each and every student who has been involved over the last few years; you all have made a positive difference.

To all the employees of Swift Transportation who donate to Swift Charities, thank you for helping to make this day possible. When we all do a little, we accomplish a lot. And this extends to our employment opportunities to our veterans with our Military Apprenticeship Program.
Military Apprenticeship Program is through the Department of Labor and the Veteran Administration. Swift is the only carrier with a National Approval under the Valor Act. This means more help for our veterans and this includes the National Guard. Our wonderful recruiter, Scott Hanly here in New Boston, can give you all the details for this program. You can reach Scott at 248-980-1074 or

Swift Transportation and Swift Charities


Huron Hub celebrates its fourth year serving the community with news and events

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

Today marks the fourth year that The Huron Hub has been an independent and free news source for the Huron Township community.

Since March 2014, “The Hub” has reached nearly 800,000 people, posted almost 800 news and event articles, and has reached thousands on social media.

I’d say that’s not bad for a small, humble, one-man-show news operation serving a community of over 15,000 residents.

Every click, share, and mention means a lot to me.

Thanks to all of the residents who have spread the word, and to the handful of advertisers that have decided to give my website a try in getting the word out about their business or organization.

I hope this is viewed as an asset to the community. Non-biased, straightforward information can be hard to come by these days, especially on the internet.

My promise to readers is that this is how The Huron Hub will always be– free of nonsense and rumor.

This operation will never be prefect, and every single thing that happens around here may not make it to the website. I try my hardest to stay informed and keep my readers informed in a timely matter.

This is where you can help.

I encourage community engagement and would love to have residents and community members submit more information to me, including letters to the editor, guest articles, and photo submissions.

These can be sent by emailing, or through the website’s contact page.

In addition, if you would rather donate monetarily to this cause, you can visit the donate page.

Every bit helps.

Thank you, Huron-area readers!

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Huron Schools superintendent lays out district’s safety measures in letter to parents

Huron Schools Supt. Donovan Rowe.

Huron Schools Supt. Donovan Rowe sent a letter Wednesday to parents in the district laying out his thoughts on recent school violence and how the district is prepared to handle emergency situations.

View the letter below.

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Soroptimist International of the Flat Rock Area collects over $600 for charity


Diane Flynn (left), membership chair; Tangie Meyers; Cynthia Wylonis; and Sandy Kozma, new members; and Valerie Rader, president. Photo courtesy of Nancy Newman.

By Nancy Newman — Guest Writer

At their annual Christmas party held this year at Bridgewater Del Webb’s Landmark Lodge, Soroptimist International of the Flat Rock Area (SIFRA) enjoyed a catered dinner. Members contributed gifts, which were raffled off, donating more than $600 to a local charity.

The club welcomed and inducted three new members to their fold: Sandy Kozma of Trenton, Tangie Meyers of Brownstown and Cynthia Wylonis of Dearborn Heights.

Earlier this month, SIFRA partnered with Flat Rock Rotary in the Adopt-A-Child program through Head Start, in purchasing basic clothing, especially winter coats, for four kids in the downriver area. Seven individual Soroptomists also “adopted” children through this program.

The next meeting of SIFRA will be Tuesday, Jan. 9 at Big Bear Lodge in Brownstown at 6 p.m. with a meeting at 7 p.m. Our guest speaker will be Lt. Tressa Duffin, an 18-year veteran of the Monroe State Police. She is the chair of the Monroe County Anti- Human Trafficking Coalition and will examine the issue of human trafficking.

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