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Election 2016: Huron Township election results


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor
Updated Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 8:15 a.m.

It’s well after 11 p.m. in Huron Township on election day 2016, and the local results for the election are in.

7,957 ballots were cast in Huron Tuesday out of 11,939 registered voters.

Incumbent Supervisor David Glaab will retain his position, edging out challenger David Haener. Glaab received 3,938 votes to Haener’s 3,586.

Incumbent Clerk Kathleen Van Wasshnova will also keep her position on the township board, receiving 4,134 votes to challenger Antoinette Gracia’s 2,993 votes.

Treasurer candidate Colleen Lazere will be a new face on the board, receiving 3,907 votes over incumbent Treasurer Linda Spangler’s 3,386 votes.

Trustee candidates John Chont, Michael Glaab, David Patterson, and Jeremy Cady took the most votes in the race for the board’s four trustee spots.

In the race for State Representative for the 23rd District, Bob Howey got more votes in Huron than challenger Darrin Camilleri, 3,983 to 3,399.

There were several write-ins for each position on the ballot in Huron.

On the presidential level, Donald Trump won by a large margin in Huron Township, receiving 4,765 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 2,700.

In comparison, I put a presidential poll on the Huron Hub’s front page, and in that non-scientitic poll, Trump received 120 votes to Clinton’s 43 votes.

View the full election results courtesy of the the Huron Township Clerk’s office HERE.

Congratulations to the candidates who will hold their positions, as well as to the new faces that will be sitting on the board come January.

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Meet the candidates: Colleen Lazere running for treasurer in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters were written personally by the candidates themselves, and were left unedited.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.

Colleen Lazere

Colleen Lazere

My name is Colleen Lazere and I am running for Huron Township Treasurer. For those I have not had the pleasure in meeting I want to give you a chance to get to know who I am and why I am running.

It started twenty-one years ago when I moved into Huron Township. I had attended a Huron School Board meeting after hearing community members say that the district is hopeless, in financial ruin and that things would never change. The Huron School District was falling apart and the 1.2 million dollar debt wasn’t being addressed. I wanted a better district for my family and for my community.

A few months later I ran for the Huron School Board and was elected. From day one I reviewed the budgets line by line, analyzing all income, questioning all expenses and keeping the focus on the education of our children. It took many battles but we were able to diminish all the debt and are now one of the top-rated school districts in Wayne County. This was not by luck. This was not from a growing economy with a higher tax base. In fact, funding is lower now than it has ever been for Michigan schools. This was from forward thinking, dedication and listening to the community members.

However, now my attention is focused on Huron Township where I am beginning to hear the same worries about hopelessness, financial struggles and that things would never change.

We deserve leaders who are willing to put in the full effort with creative and resourceful solutions to our issues. With budgets always being a top priority, we have to be able to ensure that our core services remain intact no matter what the economy throws at us. We need strategic planning where we define our short-term and long-term visions and accomplish them with bold initiatives that move Huron forward.

Here is what you can expect from me, if elected.

Financial Stability

The issue with most municipalities is that they do not plan accordingly for when property taxes begin to diminish, resulting in a lower revenue stream. I have proven, with my time on the school board, that future planning and maintaining financial stability is one of my strengths. When a struggling economy strikes again we should be able to maintain our core services, such as public safety, without any cutbacks.

We need to ensure short term and long term financial goals are not only met, but that the budget priorities reflect the objectives of the board for the best interest of the community.  Addressing our unfunded liabilities, planning for the future and building relationships with the county and state will enhance opportunities for the entire township.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

One of the key factors to surviving a medical emergency is speed.  I understand that every minute is crucial and that timely treatments drastically improve the outcome of many critical conditions.  Our residents should not have to wait for medical services to come from outside our township’s borders.  We deserve in-house response teams.  The current board elected to hire a private company to cover our emergency medical services because of poor financial planning.  This has posed a major safety concern within our community.  If elected, I will work diligently in reviewing and securing all funds.

Accessible & Transparent

I will be in the office. I will answer your emails and phone calls. I will make certain that all bids, contracts, agendas, minutes and budgets are posted  in a timely manner. I will remain focused on the needs of the community by building relationships and gaining your trust.

The Pinnacle Property

Every day we continue to drive by the overgrown weeds and bitterness of allowing such a bad decision to plague our township.  The land is owned by Wayne County but that does not mean we do not have a voice. We need to be building strong and assertive relationships with Wayne County to figure out what avenues can be taken to bring beauty back to Sibley Road.

Listed below are a little more details about me and some additional qualifications

  • Resident of Huron Township for over twenty years
  • Married and have four children and seven grandchildren
  • Huron School Board Member for over twenty years
  • Huron School Board President for seven years
  • Huron School Finance Committee for twenty years
  • Associate of Science in Laboratory Technology
  • Actively pursuing accounting degree
  • Member of St. Stephen Parish
  • Member of the Local Development Finance Authority
  • Member of the Michigan School Board Association
  • Member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologist
  • Former Parks and Recreation Chairperson
  • Former Huron Schools Band Booster
  • Former religious education teacher

You may contact me with questions or concerns at 734-753-3827.


Meet the candidates: David Patterson running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters were written personally by the candidates themselves, and were left unedited.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.

James Patterson

David Patterson

Hello, my name is David Patterson, and I have lived in Huron Township for 45 years; having been born and raised in Wayne County. I graduated from Madonna University with a Bachelor of Science degree. I also earned credits towards Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. I am a United States Air Force veteran from the Vietnam era, with an honorable discharge as an E-5 Staff Sergeant. My career in law enforcement began in 1971 with the Huron Township Police Department. I graduated from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Academy, ranking Fourth out of 29 students. During my career in the Township, I was instrumental in forming Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs in the Huron School District. I served as an interview panelist for Wayne County Sheriff deputies and Van Buren Township police officers positions. I coordinated security detail for the Presidential train caravan through Huron Township; worked on Cop’s Universal Hiring Program scheduling; conducted background investigations of new employees, and maintained the 911 emergency system. I retired as a Lieutenant in 2001.

As a Huron Township Trustee, I will focus on conscientious economics and sustainable community development throughout the Township. My platform to make Huron Township more efficient and effective includes my being accessible, accountable, and a passionate advocate for Huron Township.

I support the Township’s right to clean water, access to recreation, and responsible economics for the Township. I am committed to providing innovative leadership for Huron Township residents. As a trustworthy member of a service-oriented government, I will strive to promote the strong pride we all have in our community through investment in cost-effective, economic development. Partnering with adjoining municipalities for greater access to state and federal resources is a must in today’s environment.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and please vote on November 8, 2016.

David Patterson


Meet the candidates: John Chont running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters were written personally by the candidates themselves, and were never edited by me.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.

John Chont

John Chont

Thank you for this opportunity to address you the residents of Huron Township.

My Name is John Chont, I am 66 years old and am seeking a chair on the Township Board as a Trustee.  I am running as a republican but don’t think that party affiliation means anything in small town politics. I have two children, one son Kevin 35 who resides in Chicago as a financial bank counselor,  recently, he  graduated from Northwestern University with his MBA. I also have a daughter McKayla 19, who everyone knows and loves. I have had two employers my entire life. My mother and current one.  My main employment for the last 32 years has been with Northfield Mfg. where I hold the position of Maintenance Supervisor. I am their main problem solving guy for all aspects of keeping the shop running, whether it be in the office or on the shop floor. I am their Go Too Guy for everything. No day is ever the same in my line of work. I deal with all situations/problems that come up during the day and projects that are planned down the road.  It is stressful and challenging but it keeps my mind working and young. I am a member of the Huron Township Rotary and have recently served two consecutive one year terms as its President and am currently the secretary. I sit on the Township LDFA keeping an eye on future development in the township hoping to in entice industrial growth without creating another problem that already exists with the railroad. I am active in charities and enjoy doing so.  I have studied both Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University and Wayne State leaving with a senior status. I left school to help save a fledging business due to the sickness and passing of our Father in 1970. Dad”s passing, left my mother with six children, me being the oldest at 19 and the youngest was 4. The business had been going downhill due to dad’s illness with 2 years of back taxes being owed and the third coming due. Slowly we made payments and are going strong once again.

The Chont Family has had roots here in this township for over 75 years. Many of the new residents aren’t familiar with the Chont name but everyone knows the Waltz Green Acres Sod Farms.  It has been in the sod business since 1958 being here for the last 58 years as a sod farm. Previously my dad was a dairy farmer giving up the factory life of a graduate with a  Mechanical Engineering degree.  The only thing that has changed in the sod business is the distance of the sod deliveries, which are getting closer than where it was 50 years ago. It used to take a full tank of gas to make a delivery. Not anymore, now, some are as close as across the street.  As a family we have control of over 15 million square feet of property here in Huron Township. We are one of the largest independently family owned properties left the township. For this reason alone I feel that I should be on the board representing all the other larger property owners. It is this rural community that has attracted all you new residents here. Put me on the board to keep it this way by giving me this opportunity to serve.  I will serve the full term baring any catastrophic health issues. I will try my best to serve the community in this position. I know that the worst I can do is only please at least 51% of you. Hopefully that percentage can be higher in my voting record. I will not be politically correct when dealing with issues by pleasing the minority but will please the majority, even though the minority always seems to be the loudest.  I will not be anyone’s puppet. I will not be intimidated by anyone’s aggressive actions and I will vote the way I tell you that I am going to vote on all upcoming issues.  I will not be wishy washy on my stance or in my voting. I will not be afraid to go against the majority board members and vote NO, when I feel I should.  I have been known to have ruffled a few feathers by questioning some of the actions taken by this current board and have no intention of stopping. As far as advertising my name on every street corner, I will only have one sign up in the township and that will be on the farm homestead. I refuse to litter up the township with all the signs that are currently being displayed throughout the area. Look at Romulus, it is nothing like you see here. I will not handle situations to be politically correct but will call a spade a spade, a heart a heart and a diamond a diamond. My bluntness might be my downfall, sorry but I don’t plan on changing. Some look at my bluntness as an asset, saying, at least you know where I stand.

Back in the late 60’s my dad was asked to run for treasure by John Brandes with him running for supervisor. He accepted his invitation and put his name on the ballot but had a rough partnership breakup and his first heart attack forcing him withdraw. Maybe this is me following in his footsteps of his intended dream.  Therefore I ask for your vote this coming election to give me a chance to represent you. Thank you for this opportunity to address you in asking for your support.


John Chont


Meet the candidate event scheduled for Oct. 20 at Huron High School; submit your questions to the Huron Hub


Huron Hub file photo–Scott Bolthouse

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Residents looking to learn more about the candidates running for office in Huron Township can do so during a meet the candidates event on Oct. 20 at Huron High School in New Boston.

The event is being hosted by the Concerned Citizens of Huron Township Facebook group and will run from 6 to 9 p.m.

Each candidate will have 90 seconds to introduce themselves, and Judge Tina Green will be the moderator, and will ask questions submitted by Huron Township residents.

You can submit your questions by emailing them to, or Johan Sutton at

Questions should be respectful and free of insults, profanity, and defaming language.

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Meet the candidates: David Glaab running for reelection as supervisor in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.


David Glaab

A personal message from David Glaab, Huron Township supervisor:

As a lifelong Huron Township resident, I am proud of my family heritage dating back 140 years in our great community. I am also proud of my lifetime of service to our community. As your Supervisor, I have worked hard serving you in difficult times.

The past four years have been challenging, however we have accomplished many things to help move our township forward. We have protected hardworking taxpayers with responsible budgeting while still providing our residents the best possible core services.

I am committed to making Huron Township a better place to live, work and play. I pledge to lead our community with honesty, integrity and common sense. It would be an honor and privilege to continue to serve as your Supervisor. Better days are ahead. I welcome and appreciate your support.

About Your Supervisor

Supervisor: 1998-2000, 2012-2016/ Trustee 2002-2012
New Boston Business Owner: 26 Years
Board Member, Past Chairman – Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG):

  • Executive Board Member
  • Delegate – Regional Clearinghouse Review Committee
  • Delegate – Transportation Coordinating Council

Downriver Community Conference (DCC) – Secretary/Treasurer
St. Stephen Catholic Church – Lector, Council Member
Detroit College of Law.  – J.D. Cum Laude
Purdue University – BA, Distinguished Student Status
Lifetime NRA Member with an A+ Rating
Member – Ducks Unlimited
Member – Board of Canvassers Huron School District
Huron School District – Advisory Committee Member
Junior Achievement High School Instructor


Meet the candidates: Linda Spangler running for reelection as treasurer in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to:

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE.

Linda Spangler

Linda Spangler

First and foremost; thank you for taking time out of your busy day to review some of the accomplishments made serving as your Treasurer of this great community. I’ve included my phone number if you have any questions or concerns.

19140 Craig Street
RE-ELECT – Huron Twp. Treasurer
DOB: 12/22/1963
3rd Generation Huron Twp. resident
1982 Huron High School Graduate-GO CHIEFS
Spouse: Daniel Spangler; MRCC Local 687 member, HPS Fabrications, Inc.
Children: Katie, 29 (2005 Huron High School Graduate), Sean, 21 (2012 Huron High School Graduate)
Grandchildren: Lincoln and Evangeline
Parents: Edna and Vernon Moore (deceased), UAW Local 387 member

Education & Membership:
1982 Huron High School Graduate
Wayne County Community College
Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute (CMU Accredited)
Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association
Association of Public Treasurer’s United States & Canada
Michigan Recreation & Parks Certification
Michigan Recreation & Parks Association
Michigan Citizens Corps
Michigan Townships Association Governance Academy
Michigan Government Financial Officers Association
Michigan Women Finance Association
Huron Township Community Response Team (CERT)
Huron Twp. Good fellows

Past Positions/Volunteer:
Huron Athletic Booster Club Member 2000-2012
DownRiver Diamonds Assistant Coach, Treasurer & Secretary 2002-2004
Renton Jr. High Softball Coach 1999-2001
Huron Country Co-op Nursery Board Member 1998-2000
Liaison for the Greater Detroit Co-op Nursery Council 1998-1999
Vice President for the Huron Athletic Association Jr. Girls 1996-2000
Huron Little League (HAA) Softball Coach 1991-2000

Political experience:
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Treasurer
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Health Care Committee
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Negotiation Committee
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Grievance Committee
2008-2016 Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Institute
2008-2012 Alliance of Downriver Watershed Liaison
2006-2016 Huron Twp. Policy Committee
2004-2008 Huron Twp. Trustee
2004-2016 Huron Twp. Parks & Recreation Liaison
2005-2012 Lower Huron River Watershed Inter-Municipal Advisory Liaison
2005-2012 Huron Township Capital Improvement Committee (disbanded 2012)
2005-2012 Huron Township Elections Committee
2005-2007 Recycling Commission (disbanded 2007)

Huron Twp. Accomplishments:

Assisted in the development & implementation of the Huron Twp. Parks & Recreation Master Plan.
Hired the first Recreation Director in over 25 years (see below “financial decisions”)
Spearheaded the acquisition of 80 acres to be developed into a future park. Assisted in the acquisition of the 22-acre Waltz Park.
Organized the award of $75,000 in park improvements at Lajko Park & the Waltz Park little league ball field.
Assisted in the development of our first Downtown Development Authority.
Assisted in the development of the township’s first Policy & Procedure Manual.
Led the development of the township’s first web site (
Updated investment strategies & procedures to gain a better rate of return on township investments.
Reorganized Treasurer Department staff to include cross training, reducing overtime & utilizing part time positions to save on legacy costs.
Proudly supported the hiring of our new police chief in 2014.

Financial Decisions: Over the past several years; through the recessions of 2008 & 2012

Had to lay off Recreational Director due to necessary budget cuts.
Since 2012 we have invested over $2.275 million into our retirees Healthcare Funding Trust to protect our retirees.

With a number of past failed public safety millages, we were forced to take measures to significantly cut expenses that the part time paid on call tax millage revenue could no longer support; by eliminating all but 2 of our full time Fire Department positions, we secured alternative EMS service to continue to serve the residents. We are currently working on a plan to implement a Public Safety Director to oversee and restructure an affordable Fire Department which will increase staffing levels and allow for greater opportunities to secure outside funding through collaboration of both Police and Fire Departments.

The Police Department has been restructured under new management and operation policies that have trimmed costs and generated new revenue. Growing their fund balance from $700,000 to approximately $1.4 Million.

Assisted implementing strategies to increase the township’s fund balance for all government funds while keeping expenditures at a stable rate over the past several years, allowing our fund balance to increase. In 2015 the townships governmental revenue increased approximately 8% while our expenses only increased 3%, allowing for a 5% gain.

During the recessions of 2008 and 2012 we approved the creation of over 800+ new jobs through supporting the LDFA in locating 2 global companies to our community; Inergy Automotive from France at the time was the only “NEW” development in the state of Michigan & Brose from Germany who renovated the Chrysler building.

Creatively utilizing CDBG funding to build a beautiful senior park and opening soon an additional building for the senior citizens to utilize.

Key issues facing our community:

  1. Public Safety/Restructure Fire Department as mentioned above.
  2. Improved recreational opportunities for ALL residents. I would like to secure funds for a part time Recreational Director who can also assist our Senior Manager when needed, once we secure a director he/she can get us back on track as we were prior to budget cuts and having the position eliminated. We were in the process of preparing a plan to develop over 100 acres of township property for little league, soccer, football and many other outside recreational opportunities. I am working on an avenue to secure outside funding that may assist in funding half the cost of the position however we will need some general fund support. Also Utilizing future CDBG/Federal funding to purchase a much needed senior van.
  3. Revive Downtown New Boston, the need to revitalize downtown New Boston is well overdue. With the big box stores taking over our day to day purchases; chain restaurants & online services making things easier, we as consumers are responsible for wanting and supporting our local businesses. We have 2 new restaurants that will be opening soon and some available real estate for future growth; so if we build it will they come? I’d like to see the Downtown area revitalized with new sidewalks, better parking and road improvements. The Historical Waltz bridge needs to either be renovated, moved and or replaced. The band aid Wayne County put on it is simply just that, a band aid. NOW how do we pay for it? We may be able to secure funding for the bridge in regards to Historical opportunities but typically there is a necessary match that needs to be attached by another entity. The DDA has not been able to capture the funds we had hoped for due to the drop in property values. I do not have the answer but I am willing to listen to the residents because I would like to see a quaint downtown as I remember existed in my childhood.

We have remained above water when many communities are still trying to float to the top. I am proud we successfully rode out 2 recessions in regards to keeping most of our essential service; fortunately, we weathered the storm. I don’t like the unpopular decisions any more than the you do, I too live here along with the majority of my family and many great friends. As your fellow resident/tax payer sometimes ugly decisions have to be made, I must base my decisions on what is financially responsible vs. what we may want. When I took the oath of office I swore to be fiscally responsible and I believe I have been as your treasurer. I have to look at all aspects of our community, all 15,000+ residents. Making a difference for the “greater good” is something my family lives by and I will continue to base my decisions on that fact, again it may not be popular but I always look at the big picture and what will make our future a great future and a great community to live for generations to come. I am honored to serve the residents of our community and ask for your support. Thank YOU!

Meet the candidates: Bob Howey running for state representative for the 23rd District

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to:

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE.

Bob Howey

Bob Howey


    • Resident of Trenton
    • Downriver resident 45 years
    • Married – 4 children ages 9-17
    • Member- St. Joseph Church
    • Trenton HS Graduate
    • Lawrence Institute of Technology- BS Degree in Architecture
    • Business Owner, R.J.Howey, Inc., Architects, MasterCraftsman, LLC, CustomBuilder
    • City of Trenton Councilperson (2nd Term)
    • Brownfield Re-Development Authority
    • City of Trenton Representative- SEMCOG
    • Past Chairman Trenton DDA- 8 years


  • President-Trenton Rotary Club
  • Member- Trenton Business Association
  • Member- NRA
  • Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA)- District 2 Director
  • Past Chairman- MAHA District 2 (Wayne & Monroe County)
  • Past President- Trenton Hockey Association (THA)

Dear Friend,

This is an important election year for the 23rd State House District. Due to term limits, our current State Representative is not eligible to seek re-election. My name is BOB HOWEY and I am a candidate for State Representative. Given today’s political climate, you deserve a State Representative who will listen, give you honest and straight-forward answers, and will genuinely represent the interests of his constituents regardless of what may be politically correct.

As your State Representative, I will be committed to addressing the following priorities:

    • Increase job opportunities and economic development
    • Continuing to foster a competitive business environment
    • Expanding the tax base for all of our communities to ensure adequate police/fire services and infrastructure projects
    • Addressing our funding formula for education and focusing on increased student achievement
    • Holding state government accountable by ensuring your tax dollars are investedeffectively and efficientlyI promise to work tirelessly to deliver results for the hardworking taxpayers of our state. I have the character, integrity, and leadership experience necessary to continue to move Michigan forward. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your State Representative. I welcome your support and hope to earn your vote!

The ONLY candidate endorsed by Michigan Right to Life — other endorsements include the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Retailers Association, Great Lakes Education Project, Associated Building Contractors, Michigan Corn Growers, Detroit News, National Association of Gun Rights and the Stamp of Approval from the Small Business Association of Michigan.

Bob Howey

Meet the candidates: RP Lilly running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to:

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE.

Royal P. Lilly

Royal P. Lilly

RP Lilly is running as a write-in candidate in the upcoming general election — his name will not appear on the ballot. 

My Slogan is “Think Positive”

      • Married for 58 years to Helena Lilly
      • Five children, seven grandchildren, four great grandchildren
      • Huron Twp. Resident for 48 years
      • Retired Plant Manager Bethlehem Steel Corp.
      • Self employed,  Owner R.P. Lilly Enterprises, Inc. (Consultant/Steel Tank Institute/Certified Welding Inspector)
      • Bethlehem Steel Corp. (Various Management Training)
      • Michigan Air National Guard(1957-1966)
      • Past President Romulus Rotary Club
      • Member Huron Twp. Rotary Club
      • Chairman Huron Twp. Rotary Veterans Memorial Project
      • Huron Twp. Goodfellows Program
      • Life member Masonic Order 32nd Degree Mason
      • Member Willow United Methodist Church Board of Trustees
      • Member Michigan Environmental Council
      • Director of RECAP( Environmental Group opposing Hazardous Waste Well in Romulus)
      • Huron Township Trustee 2004- Present
      • Instrumental in forming DDA (Downtown Development Authority)
      • Huron Twp. Historical Commission (1998-2000)
      • Huron Twp. Planning Commission (1998-2008)
      • Huron Twp. Public Safety Commission (1998-2000)
      • Huron Twp. Manager Study Commission (1997-1998)
      • Current Chairperson Huron Twp. LDFA
      • Huron Township Election Commission (Current Member)
      • Huron Township Representative to CDBG Advisory Board (Current Representative)
      • Zoning  Ordinance Review Committee
      • Policies & Procedures Committee
      • Active participant W/ Wife in Food Pantry Distribution for the Needy

As you can see I have devoted a large part of my personal & private life to serving my community. I truly love my community.

Throughout my 48 year residency in Huron Township I have always referred to our Township as “The Beautiful Township of Huron.”

I pride myself as being a Team Player and try to concentrate on the positive achievements. I am an Optomist and I always see the glass as being half full, not half empty. I have always been fiscally responsible, do not believe in spending money without proper justification.

Image/RP Lilly

Image/RP Lilly

One of the most positive achievements in my term of Trustee has been my involvement in the LDFA.

The LDFA has played a very significant role on bringing  Inergy, Brose, SET Enterprises, and other facilities to our Township. This role has resulted in excess of 100 Million dollars of investment in our Township and an addition of a potential of over 1500 jobs, and additional Tax revenue for our Community and Schools. The development that has taken place within the LDFA area has had no negative impact on any residential areas.

The LDFA members are team players, and I am very proud of the progress that the LDFA has made. We are now concentrating on activities within the LDFA II Pinnacle Smart Zone area, which will result in good quality development, and return this large area back onto the tax rolls.

My Visions for the “Beautiful Township of Huron” are:

      • A Township with a stable, efficient government, managed in a professional manner,free of bickering, secret agendas, with co-operation from all Board Members.
      • A Township with adequate facilities for Township Government, Police, Fire, Senior Citizens, and Township Youth Recreation.
      • A grade separation to relieve congestion, and blocked rail crossings in our Township.
      • Progress within the Pinnacle Smart Zone Area returning those large areas to the Tax Rolls, and creating good quality jobs for our citizens.
      • Creating the position of Public Safety Director to oversee the Police and Fire Departments.

I feel the most serious issue that our citizens are confronted with today are the blocked rail crossings throughout our Township. This issue has been a major concern to me for years, and I  offer the following :

      • Demand that CSX and TDSI install electronic devices or cameras at each rail crossing in the Township which would transmit a signal to the Police Dispatch Center when the crossing was blocked. This would allow the dispatcher to choose the best route for the Emergency Vehicles to respond in a timely manner.
      • Create a partnership with the City of Romulus to Demand that  our County, State, and Federal officials secure a method of funding for a grade separation on Pennsylvania Road which is the border of the 2 communities. See the attached Resolution from the City of Romulus dated 5/2/2016.

I am very proud of my achievements and contributions to my community, and I feel my track record speaks for itself.

I offer you experience, maturity, honesty, integrity, compromise, knowledge of the township, and stability. I have no hidden agendas.

An optomist sees opportunity in every difficulty, and a pessamist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

R.P. Lilly

Meet the candidates: Kristy Novicki running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to:

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Kristy Novicki

My name is Kristy Novicki and I am looking to be elected as Trustee to the Huron Township Board of Trustees. Although I am running as a Democrat I do not see myself as a politician but rather as an ordinary citizen who is looking to make my community a better place.  I have lived in Huron Township since 2005. I am married to my husband, Paul, whose family has been here for over a hundred years. I have two children, Jaiden and Christian,  and three step-children, Zack, Kendall and Madison. I am currently a board member of the Huron Historical Society, a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, the VFW Auxiliary and I have served as both Precinct Chairperson and Co-chairperson for Huron Township elections for the past several years. I was one of the founding members of Huron Township CERT  (Community Emergency Response Team) where I was co-coordinator and an instructor. In this position I earned certificates for disaster preparedness, cpr/first aid, hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, and search and rescue.  I currently volunteer for Love a Michigan Vet Project and formerly volunteered for Huron Goodfellows and Huron Township Police Explorers.   I have several items on my platform should I be elected which include the following: In regards to public safety I would like to see a reorganization and restructuring of the fire department. We need to restore our EMS service to a transporting agency. There is a need to increase staffing to adequate, safe numbers.  Equipment needs to be updated to current standards. Protocols and safety procedures need to be updated and followed. I believe changes can be made through careful budgeting, seeking grants and fundraising.  In the police department we should have updated equipment. There should be an expansion of knowledge of current and advancing technology and techniques. There needs to be increased staffing in the dispatch center. Our current dispatchers are overwhelmed, more often having one person handling calls for HTPD, HTFD. Sumpter PD, Sumpter FD and the Metroparks Police. I feel we need to bring back an Animal Control officer for the safety and health of animals and residents.   In regards to Township government I feel that there should be a review of ordinances as many are outdated. We should have more transparency. Elected officials should be available and willing to meet with residents. There should be a review of current contracts and job descriptions with evaluations to make adjustments accordingly.   In regards to our train issues we need to try to work harder with federal, state, county and the railroads  to find a resolution to the growing problems caused by their traffic. The same goes with our roadways.  There is a need to work with the county and state to try to improve maintenance of our roadways. Possibly increasing weight restrictions and enforcement of semi-trucks.  I would like to see smaller businesses brought in so we can see an improvement in goods and services  but not lose our small town appeal.  I believe if we, as board members, work together with our citizens, we can make Huron Township an even better place to live, raise families and attract business to our home.

Thank you for your support,

Kristy Novicki, 734-775-5622,