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Huron School District closed Monday, Feb. 12

Huron School District is closed Monday, Feb. 12. Supt. Donovan Rowe cited the bad condition of the township’s dirt roads as the reason for the closure.

–Scott Bolthouse


Huron School District, Township Hall closed Friday due to winter storm

Huron School District and Township Hall are closed Friday due to the forecasted winter storm.

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Michigan State Police are advising drivers to stay off the roads on Friday, unless traveling is completely necessary.

7 arrested during warrant sweep in Huron Township

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

Seven people were arrested during a warrant sweep lead by the Huron Township Police Department Tuesday.

The warrants were all misdemeanor offenses and ranged from larceny to resisting arrest.

The sweep also revealed one non-compliant sex offender that was no longer living at the address they were registered to.

The investigation of the sex offender was forwarded to the detective bureau for a felony warrant request, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said.

Sgt. Jon Bettendorf led the sweep, which was a cooperative effort between several divisions within the police department, including the K9 unit, traffic services unit, community policing officer, detective bureau, and reserve officer unit.

“We will continue to do these proactive sweeps throughout our township on a regular and consistent basis. Many people had their house surrounded by our officers and it was quite an embarrassment for some. My advice is for people that know they have a warrant, no matter how minor they think it is, to turn them self into us as soon as possible. Many times, these warrants can be handled smoothly through the court process. But for those that don’t, we will eventually catch up to them,” Robbins said.

“We owe it to our residents to continue to be proactive and visible while holding offenders accountable for their crimes. We welcome the community’s assistance. If they have information on someone wanted for a crime, they can feel free to contact our department directly.”

Several inches of snow headed to Huron Township

Scott Bolthouse–The Huron Hub

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

A snowy start to February will continue in Huron Township as we head toward the weekend.

About 8-inches of snow is on the way, which will heavily impact the region on Friday.

Forecasters say that snow will begin early Friday morning and continue to last through the evening, making for a treacherous day for traveling.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for the area, and it is expected to be elevated to a storm warning as the system inches closer.

Forecasters say some uncertainty still exists regarding the path of the heaviest snow swaths, but one thing is for sure — the area will have a fresh pile of snow just in time for the weekend.

Get the snowblowers gassed up and get out the sleds!

Superintendent of Huron Schools appointed to LDFA

Huron Schools Supt. Donovan Rowe

Editor’s note: Donovan Rowe was recently named the new superintendent of Huron Schools following the Huron Schools Board’s several months of searching and interviewing candidates. Rowe was recently appointed to the Local Development Finance Authority as the representative for Huron Schools. 

The Huron Township LDFA is run by the efforts of a board of directors who care about the community and business that goes on in the community. The Local Development Finance Authority of Huron Township exists to provide public improvements necessary or desirable to facilitate, promote and sustain industrial development within the established district.

New trustee this past year, Donovan Rowe, became a member of the LDFA as one of the appointments permitted by the Huron School District Board of Education. “I think some important aspects of the group are to help businesses create jobs in the area,” said Rowe, “while creating win-win scenarios for the township. In addition, the expansion of area businesses is good for the township and provides the schools with opportunities to partner with those businesses.”

One recent key initiative is the expansion of the Brose Plant in New Boston. The expansion will lead to new jobs as well as increased partnerships with the local schools.

Rowe believes he can bring a unique perspective to the LDFA. As the Superintendent of the Huron School District, “I am able to bring some insight to the group from the educational community.” Said Rowe, “For example, The Huron School District is completing a strategic planning process. This process has involved the facilitation of 28 focus groups, including community groups in the area. After reviewing all of the feedback, we are boiling the information down into the mission, beliefs, initiatives, and vision of the Huron School District. This vision will drive our work for the next 5 years.”

This type of understanding of the community helps to bring a different perspective on the LDFA board. Rowe said, “I am hopeful that I will be able to add to the collective effectiveness of the group.”

The Local Development Financing Act (LDFA), allows eligible entities to establish area boundaries, create and implement a development plan, acquire and dispose of interest in real and personal property, issue bonds and use tax increment financing to fund public infrastructure improvements for eligible property. The tool is designed to promote economic growth and job creation. The board has used these tools to support companies in manufacturing, agricultural processing, and high technology operations.

The Huron Township LDFA is home to many other successful manufacturing businesses with space to grow new companies. Recently the group has developed a new LDFA2 district with many opportunities for new business. Contact a board member at 734-753-4466 ext. 115

Source: Huron Township LDFA

Detroit Metro Airport to hold March 7 meeting on 2019 runway reconstruction, environmental analysis

Detroit Metropolitan Airport will host an informational meeting for the community to learn about the environmental impact analysis completed for the upcoming runway reconstruction project that will start in 2019. The environmental analysis has shown there are no significant environmental effects or extraordinary circumstances. Copies of the environmental analysis are available on the WCAA website by visiting this link.

The Informational Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Wayne County Community College District – Downriver Campus located at 21000 Northline Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180.

Community members may stop by anytime between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. to learn more about the project from knowledgeable airport staff, and view a series of displays describing the details of the reconstruction project and the environmental analysis.

For more information, please contact

Source: Detroit Metro Airport

Huron School District closed Monday due to weather

Huron School District is closed Monday, Feb. 5 due to weather.

About 5-inches of snow fell in the Huron Township area on Sunday, and temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing overnight and into Monday morning.

Roads will be slick, especially during the Monday morning commute.

Winter weather is expected to stick around for the remainder of the week.