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Deadly traffic accident on I-75 in Monroe shuts down freeway in both directions


Michigan State Police have confirmed that one person has died this morning in a crash on I-75 near Dunbar and Laplaisance Roads. According to authorities, the crash involves two semi trucks.

The freeway is currently shut down in both directions and authorities expect it to be closed for the duration of the afternoon.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

UPDATED: Possible hostage situation at Country Meadows mobile home park



By Scott Bolthouse

Updated: Police situation ends peacefully 

The Huron Township Police Department is in the process of resolving a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend at the Country Meadows mobile home complex on Will-Carleton Road.

According to Huron TWP Police Lieutenant Gary Dockter, “The male has made threats to harm his girlfriend if the police try to make entry into the home.”

“At this time we have no information that children are in the home,” said Lieutenant Dockter.

Lieutenant Dockter said that Huron Township Police is working together with the Downriver Mutual Aid Taske Force and that a negotiator is in contact with the suspect.

“We are attempting to revolve the situation in a peaceful manor,” said Lt. Dockter.

The Huron Hub will be updating this story as it unfolds. Check back for the latest information.



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Downtown Park, Rezoning of Pinnacle Property to be discussed at the Mar. 26 Board of Trustees meeting

Having closed it's doors to the public in 2011, the former Pinnacle Racecourse sits on a piece of land that will soon be in development, according to Huron Township officials.

After closing it’s doors to the public in the fall of 2010, the former Pinnacle Racecourse sits on a piece of land that will soon be available to developers, according to Huron Township officials. Load-1 logistics company is already in the process of development on the I-275 face of the area.

By Scott Bolthouse


On the agenda for Wednesday evening’s Board of Trustees meeting is the rezoning of the Pinnacle Development, which is located on nearly 400 acres of land just south of Metro Airport. The abandoned Pinnacle Racecourse currently sits on the property.

According to Huron Township’s Community Development Director John Enos, the township is “proactively looking to the future of the area,” which is development ready. “This is the start of real development potential” said Enos.

Also on Wednesday evening’s agenda is a short information session regarding the Riverside Park, which is currently in the works and will be located between the Coyote Grill and the New Boston AC pub on Huron River Drive.

The Huron Hub will have a full write up following Wednesday evening’s meeting. Stay tuned.

Be aware of computer scam circulating Huron Township


By Scott Bolthouse

It’s not often that journalists like myself become the news story. In fact, journalists are content solely with reporting the news and not being in it.

However, something happened to me over the weekend that struck a cord in me, and you’ve probably been warned by about it in the past. I received a scam phone call, and the goal of the person on the other line was to gain access into my computer. Let me set the scene:

On Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call to my home phone from an unknown source. I don’t normally answer unknown calls, but my internet-based phone system has been receiving a lot of annoying traffic lately. My goal was to answer and request to be taken off of their call list.

Unfortunately my priority changed immediately once I started talking to the person on the other line. They claimed to be “from Microsoft”, and that they can see on “their side” that my computer may have issues.

Here come the red flags. First: I own a Mac, not a Windows computer. Second: being in my twenties, I have practically grown up with computers and technology. Whether it’s Apple, Microsoft, Android, iOS or any other system for that matter, I have a pretty good grasp of technology. I knew that there was no way the person on the other end could have any statistics about my computer on their screen.

After those flags came up and having that journalistic itch wanting more information, I played around with the caller for a few minutes (also known as “playing dumb”). They tried to get me to log onto a “remote access site” so that they could “take control and figure out what is going on with my computer”. Remote access of a computer refers to the process in which you give access to your computer to another person. Many reputable computer repair/technical assistance websites and firms do this on a regular basis. This allows the technician to work on your computer from their location. However, Someone with bad intentions can gain access to your personal information, documents, financials, and other things normally hidden from the public.

The catch here is that no one should ever contact you informing that they can see from their end that there are problems with your computer. These callers mask themselves as representatives from companies like Microsoft. However, Microsoft has made it very clear that they will never contact you regarding your device- ever.

My guess is that these people research call registries and make an attempt to take control of computers whose users may not be as up to date on technology: senior citizens. After researching my own phone number (which we’ve only had for maybe a year) the former owner was over the age of 70.

If anyone ever contacts you soliciting for information, repairs, or just to ask “are there any problems with your computer?” the best bet is to hang up immediately and inform your local police department. They keep records of events like these and frequently make press releases telling citizens to ignore and report these types of phone calls. Warn your senior citizen friends about this scam, as well. The age of the internet is a strange, enlightening, and sometimes scary place to dwell in; especially if you’re new to the arena.

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Huron TWP Board of Trustees meeting cancelled due to weather


The Mar. 12 Huron Township Board of Trustees meeting has been cancelled due to weather. According to the Detroit sector of the National Weather Service, Romulus received six and a half inches of snow during the snow event, while Brownstown Township recorded eight inches.

The rescheduled board meeting will take place on Mar. 26 at 7:00 p.m. in the board room at the township hall.

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The Huron Hub: A news source for Huron Township


The sun sets on Pennsylvania and Wayne roads in northern Huron Township

Huron Township is it’s own little ecosystem within Downriver. On one hand, it borders large Downriver communities like Taylor, Romulus, and Brownstown TWP. On the other hand, it seems so secluded from the heart of Downriver that it could be easily put into it’s own category; it’s rural yet easily accessible to the busy Downriver suburban area. 

The goal of the Huron Hub will be to serve the community with ethical, non biased news, events, and other happenings within this beautiful community. Check back for information on local government, police, politics and many other aspects of township news.

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