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Forecast: Thursday’s a rainout, Friday improves, Father’s Day weekend has a chance of storms

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted June 12, 2019

The weather has been a bit lousy so far this June.

May wasn’t great either.

Although we’ve had a few 80 degree sunny days here and there, the rain and cooler temps seem to persist every few days.

As we look at the end of the week and into Father’s Day weekend, Mother Nature is looking petty unpredictable.

To sum it up – it’ll rain all day Thursday and be in the 60s.

Friday (the last day of school in the Huron District) looks like sun and some clouds with a high in the mid 70s.

The weekend looks hard to nail down.

Both days have a 50% chance of storms all day long, with some sun mixed in.

We might have to keep our eyes to the sky this weekend while dads everywhere are celebrated.

Here’s the full forecast:


Huron Police Department recognized as outstanding law enforcement agency by MADD for second year in a row

On hand to accept the awards from MADD last Friday were Deputy Chief Mark Perkins (left); Officer Thomas Smith; Director Everette Robbins; Lieutenant Leo Girard; Officer Ahmed Kassem; Officer Vincent Price. (Photo courtesy of Huron Township Department of Public Safety)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted June 11, 2019 — 1:45 p.m. EST

The Huron Township Police Department was recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as an outstanding law enforcement agency for the second year in a row.

The department received the award last Friday.

In addition to the department receiving an award as a whole, the Traffic Services Unit and two officers within the department also received awards from MADD.

The Traffic Services Unit was recognized and awarded for “Recognition of Excellence.”

“The Huron Township Police Department is an area leader in proactive traffic policing and enforcement. The small rural community made 162 impaired driving arrests,” the award read.

Officer Vincent Price accepted the award on behalf of the Traffic Services Unit.

Officer Ahmed Kassem was nominated and received the award for “Outstanding Rookie of the Year.”

His nomination read: “Officer Kassem completed his first year of service with the Huron Township Police Department in 2018. Officer Kassem led the Huron Township Police Department with 17 Impaired Driving arrests. Officer Kassem has made impaired driving enforcement his number one priority and has made a concerted effort to get better at enforcement every day. Officer Kassem has done this while balancing his regular patrol duties. Officer Kassem’s efforts and high visibility have led to reduced impaired driving injuries and fatalities.”

Officer Thomas Smith was nominated in the “Outstanding Officer” category for his efforts to reduce or eliminate drunk and drugged driving.

His nomination read: “Officer Smith is a 3-and-a-half-year employee of the Huron Township Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Traffic Services Division. Officer Smith has made impaired driving his number one priority. Working in a rural community with 15,000 residents, Officer Smith represented the Huron Township with 14 impaired driving arrests and 209 hazardous driving related arrests in 2018. Overall, Officer Smith’s efforts and high visibility have led to reduced impaired driving injuries and fatalities.”

Everette Robbins, director of public safety, said the traffic unit is essential in targeting impaired drivers, even though it might not be obvious to everyone in the community.

“Although it may not be the perception of some, our traffic efforts save lives each and every day, especially in the area of reducing or eliminating drunk and drugged driving. These efforts are not necessarily quantifiable because the lives that are saved can never be measured,” Robbins said.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work of not only the recognized officers, but our department as a whole as it relates to our high visibility efforts. Every year when I attend this event, I think of our two local high school students Jimmy Williams and Shannon Henry and can’t help but wonder how much pain their families wouldn’t have had to endure if the drunk driver that hit them would have been arrested a minute before the crash. Remembering what happened to them makes everything we do and all of our traffic enforcement well-worth the effort.”


Gov. Whitmer seeks presidential disaster declaration to help residents and businesses in Wayne County affected by flooding


Storms brought torrential rains to the Downriver area April 30 through May 3, causing dangerous flooding all over southeast Michigan. (Photo: Carleton West Road closed due to flooding from the rain event)

Posted by The Huron Hub on June 11, 2019

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer requested Tuesday that President Donald Trump declare a major disaster for the state of Michigan as a result of the heavy rainfall and flooding that occurred in Wayne County from April 30–May 3. The request comes at the conclusion of an in-depth assessment of damage to the area.

“Damage to a home and loss of personal property due to flooding can have devastating emotional and financial impacts,” said Whitmer. “Helping the affected residents of Wayne County is our priority, so the state is exploring all its options to help and has asked the federal government for additional resources to assist recovery efforts.”

Photos: Flooding in the Huron area after torrential rain slams region

Whitmer has requested supplementary federal aid in the form of Individual Assistance to help eligible residents because of the severity and magnitude of the flooding.

If federal aid is granted, assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses and other programs to help people and businesses recover from the effects of flooding. This request does not include assistance for costs incurred by state and local governments due to damage to public facilities and infrastructures.

Based on information provided by the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD), state leaders requested a joint Preliminary Damage Assessment with federal and local officials to review and validate the most severely damaged homes and businesses across Wayne County.

Related: Governor declares state of emergency in Wayne County due to flooding

The teams conducted their assessments from May 27–29. State officials reviewed the results and determined the extent of damage reached the level necessary to apply for federal aid.

Whitmer’s request will be reviewed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which will advise President Trump whether a disaster declaration should be granted. Ultimately, the President will determine whether to provide federal assistance.


Detroit Metro Airport’s North Terminal welcomes three new restaurants

Three restaurants recently opened for business in Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport’s North Terminal. The restaurants include: Cantoro Italian Market Trattoria, Air Margaritaville, Detroit Street Café featuring Zingerman’s Coffee, and Atwater Brewery. (Photos courtesy of Detroit Metro Airport)

Posted by The Huron Hub Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Three restaurants recently opened for business in Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport’s (DTW) North Terminal. The restaurants include: Cantoro Italian Market Trattoria, a local, family owned and operated Italian market crossed with a modern corner store; Air Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett’s airport restaurant with a local twist, Detroit Street Café featuring Zingerman’s Coffee; and Atwater Brewery, a Detroit favorite, that debuted downtown in 1997 with the mission to bring German brew-styles to the area.

The restaurants are the first of a phased dining redevelopment project to open. Cantoro Italian Market Trattoria opened on April 18 and is located pre-security in baggage claim. Atwater Brewery opened on June 1 and Air Margaritaville & Detroit Street Café featuring Zingerman’s Coffee opened on June 5.

“It is an exciting time at Detroit Metropolitan Airport,” said Wayne County Airport Authority CEO Chad Newton. “Our employees and customers have been looking forward to the redevelopment of our North Terminal dining options. We are happy to work in collaboration with our concessionaires to offer a taste of our region to all who walk through our terminal.”

The nearly $21 million transformation includes 15 food and beverage concepts, many of them Metro Detroit favorites. The restaurants will be operated by four concessionaires (HMSHost; DTW North Partners, LLC; NAC-MAC Concessions, LLC and McDonald’s USA) who exceeded the Airport Authority’s requirements for partnering with ACDBEs – Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. The ACDBEs for the North Terminal food and beverage program are: AP United, LLC; AJA & Associates, LLC; Ellis Infinity, LLC; Jamjomar VIII, LLC; Rodriquez Group, LLC and W & W Diversified Services, Inc.

“HMSHost and our partners, AJA & Associates and Ellis Infinity, are thrilled to work with the Wayne County Airport Authority to bring Cantoro Italian Market to Detroit Metropolitan Airport,” said HMSHost Vice President of Business Development Kent Vanden Oever. “Not only does Cantoro bring a sense of Detroit into the airport, it brings the best of a long-standing Italian corner store and family restaurant with a modern twist for people to enjoy in the airport’s pre-security area.”

“When people fly into DTW, our airport is their first glimpse of who we are as a state, region and cities,” said Paradies Lagardere Dining Division Partner Tanya Allen. “Paradies Lagardere Dining Division takes this very seriously. We have great local and national concepts. Air Margaritaville Detroit is the third airport Margaritaville in the country. Zingerman’s Coffee is uniquely included within that location. Atwater Brewery is a Detroit favorite and sure to capture a loyal following. 2019 is going to be an exceptionally good year for traveling at DTW’s North Terminal.”

To ensure a variety of food options will be available at all times for customers, the transformation is divided into four phases. The second phase, which includes MOD Pizza, National Coney Island, and Starbucks is expected to be completed this summer.

Source: Detroit Metro Airport


Person arrested after fleeing from Huron Township police Tuesday morning

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted June 11, 2019 — 8:30 a.m. EST

A person is in custody after fleeing from Huron Township police Tuesday morning.

This is an update to an earlier post.

Everette Robbins, director of public safety, has confirmed the person involved in a police chase, crash, and foot pursuit this morning has been arrested.

Robbins said the police department responded with over a dozen units, all were on the scene searching for the suspect before he was taken into custody.

Check back with the Huron Hub for updates


Police: be on the lookout for suspect involved in police chase, crash on Sterling

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted June 11, 2019 — 7:30 a.m. EST

UPDATED 8:35 a.m. —  Person arrested after fleeing from Huron Township police Tuesday morning

Original post: 

Huron Township police are asking the public to be on the lookout for a suspect involved in a police chase that ended in a crash on Sterling near the train tracks early Tuesday morning.

“At approximately 6am this morning, a Huron Township Police Officer had a short pursuit that crashed in the area of Sterling and the tracks. The suspect fled westbound into the Metro Park,” the department posted on its Facebook page Tuesday morning.

“The suspect is described as A black male, heavy set wearing white long sleeve shirt with blue sleeves and black gym shorts. Hair style, Dreadlocks. It is believed that the suspect could be near the downtown New Boston area, possibly along Huron River Drive. If you see anyone suspicious, please do not approach and call 911 immediately.”

Security footage near the incident caught the alleged suspect on camera. (Image: Huron Township police)

No further information is available at this time. Check back for updates.


Is it a tick? This guide will help you decide

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted Monday, June 10, 2019

Huron Township is a rural community.

That means residents here get their fair share of tick encounters every spring and summer.

This season, tick populations are on the rise, according to reports.

Some who haven’t experienced these blood sucking arachnids may not know how to identify them.

Here is a helpful guide from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that helps you identify a certain tick:

Ticks are closely related to insects and spiders, and there are over 20 known tick species in Michigan.

They usually live out their lives feeding on wildlife, however people may be bitten when they work or recreate in areas where ticks live.

Ticks are most often associated with natural areas such as grassy shorelines, wooded areas, or fields near wooded areas. Ticks are rarely encountered indoors unless brought inside on the clothing of people or on the body of a pet.

Several species of ticks are known to bite people and pets, and may harbor dangerous bacteria, viruses, or parasites.

Not all ticks carry diseases, but tick-borne diseases do occur in Michigan, and can be serious or fatal if not properly diagnosed and treated.

For more information about ticks and your health, visit this website.