Huron resident cited after near miss with student at bus stop

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Posted Thursday, March 9, 2023

A Huron Township resident was cited recently after a near miss situation occurred with a student at a bus stop.

Huron Township Police have been patrolling bus routes throughout the school year.

On Feb. 27, police dash cam footage caught a scary situation unfold at a bus stop on a Huron School District bus route.

A student, likely of elementary age, was near the edge of the street as the bus was stopped with red flashing lights at 8:11 a.m.

The footage shows the boy was alone and did not have any adults with him at the bus stop.

Just when the student was about to cross the street to board the bus, a driver ignored the stop lights and passed the bus.

The driver appears to swerve away from the bus and near the boy standing on the side of the road.

Here is the video:

Video courtesy of Huron Township Police

The boy standing alone at the bus stop is concerning to police. This is a trend that police have noticed while patrolling the routes this year.

“More often than we should, we see kids standing near a busy street and ultimately crossing that busy street alone to get on the school bus. We are thankful that this young boy wasn’t seriously injured or worse. Hopefully this will the needed wake up call for all parents to be physically present with their children at the bus stop in the event they need to pull them to safety in a dangerous situation such as this one,” said Everette Robbins, Huron Township director of public safety.

“It’s still hard to believe that adults will disregard a school bus’ emergency lights, but unfortunately it’s a sad reality.”


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