Huron Township dispatchers lauded for handling hundreds of calls during ice storm

Dispatchers Scot Ottusch, Michele McNulty, Justine Castillo, and Amanda Eliason were praised in a letter of commendation for their outstanding response during this week’s ice storm. Photos provided.

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Posted Friday, Feb. 24, 2023

Public safety staff in Huron Township are being commended for their response during the mid-week ice storm that wreaked havoc locally and throughout southeast Michigan.

Everette Robbins, director of public safety, said the Emergency Communications Center handled 98 fire department calls for service, and 172 calls to 911 during the first 20 hours of the ice storm.

The storm resulted in hundreds of thousands of DTE customers without power, hundreds of downed power lines, countless downed tree branches, and transformer explosions.

Robbins said in a letter of commendation that Dispatchers Amanda Eliason, Scot Ottusch, Michele McNulty, and Justine Castillo displayed excellence during their shifts.

“As I stood near the dispatch center and watched the teamwork that was being displayed, I will not soon forget the sense of pride that I had for being part of the Huron Township Public Safety Team. The care and
compassion being transmitted over the dispatch channels were genuine and real as you worried about the safety of residents and first responders,” Robbins said in the letter.

According to the commendation letter, “Both Dispatcher Eliason and Ottusch worked four hours past their scheduled shifts and Dispatcher Castillo came in on her day off to assist the Communication Center. All four dispatchers worked as a team to make sure that all the residents within Huron and Sumpter Township received the assistance that they requested as well as assured that all our First Responders stayed safe.”

You can read the full letter at this link.


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