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Dear reader: 

Since The Huron Hub was launched in March 2014, has been visited by over one-million unique visitors who have viewed Hub articles over 1.9 million times.

Pretty impressive for a “small town” news website. 

Since launch day, The Huron Hub has published 2,087 articles that have reached countless people across The Hub’s social media network and website.

Once per year, we reach out to readers and ask them: do you value this important and free resource for the Huron Township community?

The goal of The Huron Hub is to report news and events to this community in an unbiased and responsible way.

Since launching this endeavor, The Huron Hub has covered an incredibly wide variety of news. From local issues like police news, government updates, and local school news, to much broader issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s all been covered in some way over the last eight years.

The Huron Hub is also proud of its “middle of the road” approach to reporting. Maybe you have noticed: there are no political endorsements here, and no bloated opinion articles. Staying in the middle is important to our mission. 

If you value this work, please consider supporting our mission to report timely and relevant news to this community.

Below is’s supporter page, where you can make a donation to support The Huron Hub.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this, and happy holidays!

Scott Bolthouse
Editor, Founder
The Huron Hub

Support The Huron Hub at this link

Support The Huron Hub at this link


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