Moron driver passes stopped bus on first day of school in Huron Township

Posted by The Huron Hub | Sept. 6, 2022

A moron with a driver’s license forgot to abide by one of the most sacred rules of the roads Tuesday morning and we’re all glad they got caught.

Huron Township Police made a social media post on Tuesday letting the community know that someone passed a stopped school bus on the first day of classes.

“It took us only minutes into the first day to catch an offender passing a school bus with it’s emergency lights activated. We are following random bus routes and we will issue citations, ZERO TOLERANCE!” the department said in their post.

Here is video of the driver. How they missed the giant yellow bus, and bright flashing lights, is beyond us.

Huron Township police dash cam video shows a driver illegally passing a stopped school bus Tuesday morning.

During last school year, The Huron Hub reported on multiple incidents regarding drivers passing stopped school buses.

It’s getting tiring.

A message to all drivers: don’t do it. Don’t be a moron.


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