DTE: 200,000 customers without power following severe weather on Monday

Posted by The Huron Hub | Aug. 29, 2022 — 10:15 PM EST

Severe weather swept through southeast Michigan on Monday and has caused hundreds of thousands of power outages.

DTE says over 200,000 customers are currently without power “due to the severe storms and 70 mph winds that swept through Michigan on Monday” the company said in a statement.

“Report any downed power lines or outages here or through our DTE app as our telephone service is currently experiencing interruptions. Please be safe and remember to stay at least 20 feet from any downed power lines — assume they are live and dangerous.”

The DTE outage center website shows the numerous power outages all over southeast Michigan.

DTE said on Twitter Monday night that they are having a call center outage.

Possible tornado in northeast Michigan.

According to Michigan State Police, an unconfirmed tornado was reported in the northeast part of the state Monday evening.

“At approximately 8:00 PM a unconfirmed tornado touched down in the City of Richmond causing significant wind damage to property, as well as a wide-spread power outage,” MSP said.


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