Man meets with first responders who saved his life after work accident results in hand amputation

Courtesy, Huron Valley Ambulance

Article courtesy of Huron Valley Ambulance | Posted June 13, 2022 on The Huron Hub

It’s not often that first responders get to see the outcome of their hard work after a call, but this week HVA Paramedic Ryan, HVA 911 Dispatcher Mark, Fire Captain Bauman, and Officer Kostielney from Huron Township Department of Public Safety had the chance to reunite with a patient whose life they all helped save.

In the summer of 2021, local resident Kyle Smith was injured at work, resulting in the accidental amputation of his left hand. Due to the skill and quick actions of everyone involved with Kyle’s emergency response, his life and his hand were both saved. Kyle’s hand was successfully reattached by the skilled surgeons at Detroit Medical Center. Almost a year later, after multiple surgeries, ongoing therapy, the endless support of his family and girlfriend, and his own determination, Kyle now has almost full function of his hand again. Kyle’s successful reattachment is so rare that he is now part of a case study at Wayne State University. Kyle shared, “When I asked my doctors if I would be able to use my hand again, they couldn’t give me an answer. They just didn’t know. Now I want to be an example for anyone else who has a reattachment. If someone is going through what I went through, I’m there for them.”

Kyle’s story is an incredible example of the pre-hospital “chain of survival” achieving an exceptional outcome. The instructions bystanders received from 911 dispatch, a tourniquet quickly applied by Officer Kostielney, on-scene care provided by Huron Twp FD and HVA medics, and the ongoing care Kyle received while being transported to the hospital all set the stage for the successful reattachment of his hand when he arrived at the hospital.

Thank you to everyone involved with this call; your actions have positively changed the rest of Kyle’s life. We’re rooting for you during your continuing recovery, Kyle! We know that you’ll continue to give it your all.

Courtesy, Huron Valley Ambulance


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