I-275 lane closures and traffic shift begin Monday in Wayne County

Huron Hub file photo

Posted by The Huron Hub | Feb. 21, 2022

The Michigan Department of Transportation will begin the second year of the I-275 project on Monday, Feb. 21. This year, crews will be rebuilding southbound I-275 from 6 Mile Road to Northline Road with both directions of traffic on northbound side. There will also be bridge and ramp work on the southbound side.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 21, through Friday, Feb. 25, crews will be working daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on northbound I-275 with rolling right-lane closures from Northline Road to 6 Mile Road, along with temporary ramp closures as crews prepare for the upcoming traffic shift. 

Beginning Saturday, Feb. 26, through March 5, northbound I-275 will have one lane open from Northline Road to 5 Mile Road for crews to move the concrete barriers from the left shoulder into the northbound lanes so traffic can share the northbound and southbound lanes. Southbound I-275 will have two lanes open from 7 Mile Road to Northline Road. There will be intermittent ramp closures for pavement marking applications. 

On Saturday, March 5, crews will begin shifting southbound traffic onto the reconfigured northbound lanes and will be intermittently closing the ramps to southbound I-275 as part of the traffic shift. 

By Monday, March 7, northbound and southbound I-275 will have two lanes open between Northline Road and 6 Mile Road. Northbound barrels will begin near Eureka Road while southbound barrels will begin near 7 Mile Road. All on and off ramps will be accessible with median crossover ramps except when crews are working on specific ramps.

For more information, go to Revive275.org.


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