Construction begins in downtown New Boston

A much needed construction project began Thursday morning in downtown New Boston. (Photo by Scott Bolthouse—The Huron Hub)

Posted by The Huron Hub | Oct. 7, 2021

A long awaited and much needed construction project has begun in downtown New Boston.

Phase one of the downtown New Boston improvement project is scheduled to begin Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 7:30 a.m. weather, and equipment permitting.

Phase 1 Construction Scope
The Phase 1 limits will be from Waltz Road north to 18757 Huron River Drive (Huron Dental).
During construction, no parking will be allowed on HRD.

Businesses and residents will have access to their drives although there may be times when the drive may be partially blocked for a short period of time.

One-way traffic will be maintained north bound from Waltz Road at most times throughout construction with minimal two-way closures.

Special attention will be given to ensure traffic will remain open to businesses in the area at all times during construction which is scheduled to last through November 2021.

“While we apologize for any short term inconvenience this may cause, we hope you will share our enthusiasm for much needed improvements to our roads in Downtown New Boston. If you have any questions or concerns during the course of the project, please contact the on-site Hennessey Engineers representatives, Adam Kmiecik at (734) 365-3614 or Charles Smith at (734) 365-3553. You can also send an email to,” a statement from Huron Township said.

This rebuild of Huron River Dr. consists of the following steps:
Beginning on the west side of HRD

  1. Complete milling and removal of the asphalt
  2. Installing the storm sewer
  3. Removing the existing pavement
  4. Creating the road and installing the stone base
  5. Pouring the new concrete on the west half of the roadway with a 5-10 day
    curing period prior to opening to traffic.
    The same procedure will be followed on the east side of HRD upon completion of the west side

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