The Lone Oak sunflower farm to open to public this summer in Huron Township

Posted by The Huron Hub | July 22, 2021

A local family is making preparations to open their sunflower farm to the public.

The Lone Oak sunflower farm is a 16 acre sunflower field that will offer cut-your-own sunflowers, as well as scenic views for photographers and visitors.

The farm, located at 38575 Ash Road, is owned and operated by Matt and April Bobby.

In 2014, Matt and April purchased the farm located in New Boston.

Since owning the farm, soybeans were grown and harvested by an outside farmer.

Opening day for visitors has not yet been officially announced.

To keep up-to-date on the farm, you can visit their Facebook page at this link.

Below is a Facebook post that tells the couple’s full story:


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