Road construction projects scheduled this summer in Huron Township

(Huron Hub file photo by Scott Bolthouse)

Posted by The Huron Hub | April 28, 2021

Several road construction projects have been scheduled for Huron Township this summer.

Township Clerk Jeremy Cady posted on social media the projects announced by Wayne County.

The projects scheduled for the Huron Township area include:

-Huron Twp. Huron River Drive (I-275 – Vining Road) 2″ Resurface May 2021

-S. Huron Road (Waltz Road Intersection) 2″ Resurface May 2021

-S. Huron Road (E of Waltz Road – Railroad Tracks ROW) 2″ Resurface May 2021

-S. Huron Road (Railroad Tracks Right-of-Way – I-275 Concrete Bridge Deck) 2″ Resurface May 2021

-S. Huron Road (I-275 Concrete Bridge Deck – Willow Metro Park Entrance) 2” Resurface June 2021

-Old Wayne Road (Pennsylvania Road Intersection) 2” Resurface June 2021

-Vining Culvert / Blakely Drain Bridge Replacement Fall 2021 Summer 2023

County road sweeping program:

-Huron Twp./ Sumpter Twp. 3 times- April, June, August

County Parks:

-Crosswinds Marsh: Installation of new restrooms October 2021 June 2022


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