Accumulating snow forecasted for Monday into Tuesday

Posted by Scott Bolthouse
The Huron Hub
Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020

Accumulating snow is forecasted for Monday into Tuesday in Metro Detroit.

The National Weather Service in Detroit says snow is expected Monday and lasts through the day Tuesday.

Forecasters say uncertainty remains in the exact track of the low which will affect snow totals.

Stay tuned for refinements in coming forecasts.

At this time a general 2 to 5 inches of snow is expected by the time the snow system is complete.

Please see the NWS weather graphic below for more information.

A note from the editor about snow/weather forecasts:

The Huron Hub, like many local news websites, posts regular snow and weather forecasts that affect the region. Our goal with these posts is to keep our readers informed.

This morning, ahead of the upcoming snow forecasted for next week, our inbox received a rather rude, anonymous message telling us that our snow forecast “for Sunday” was wrong. The reader who sent that message failed to look at the date stamp on the article that they were referencing. The reader somehow missed the dateline at the top of the article. Datelines are posted on every Huron Hub article for obvious reasons – to know whether or not the article posted is recent or out of date. The anonymous reader, who decided not to share their contact info, was referring to last weekend’s snow forecast for Sunday, Nov. 22. We received a dusting of snow that day. The article even had a NWS weather graphic inside of it with a date stamp on it.

We would have responded to this reader in a private message, but they dropped a clearly hastily made email without providing a return email address. Sounds like a keyboard warrior, to us.

Reading comprehension is paramount.

Check the dates on our articles before sending errors/corrections.


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