Photos: Downtown New Boston decorated in scarecrows

Photos: Downtown New Boston decorated in scarecrows

Posted by Scott Bolthouse
The Huron Hub
Oct. 22, 2020

Downtown New Boston was decorated recently with over a dozen scarecrows.

The scarecrows were made by Shelly Bergmoosher and PopUp PreSchool families.

50 families participated in the challenge to create their own scarecrows in an
effort to help beautify the downtown and give back to the community.

“What a generous and thoughtful project! If you have not had the opportunity to view
the scarecrows it is not too late to venture out and take a look. You will not be
disappointed! Happy Halloween!” said David Glaab, Huron Township supervisor.


2 thoughts on “Photos: Downtown New Boston decorated in scarecrows

  1. Janet Richardson-Reininger

    Why does David Glaab’s picture REMAIN on the Related Meet the Candidates!!!!!!! You should be taking his photo off and posting Kelly Trombly for Supervisor along with 2 new candidates!!!!!

    1. Scott Bolthouse Post author

      Do you ever read replies to your own comments? It seems to me, that you like to drop comments and run. I explained this in a previous comment made by you, but you never acknowledged reading it, so let’s try again. My website has a feature that automatically posts “related” articles at the bottom. Those are chosen by the website algorithm, not me personally. Because Mr. Glaab provided this publication with a quote for this article, the related article shown happens to be the most recent one where his name is recognized, and that happened to be a “meet the candidates” article. That is also why another article was tagged with a person sharing the same last name. If you go to any article on this website, you’ll see there are related articles posted under every article. It’s a feature to increase readership, and most of the time the articles are related. I’d like to respond to your comment telling me how to run my publication. Did I ever stop into your store, and tell you how to run it? No, because it wasn’t my place. I have been operating this website free of political advocacy, for any candidate, since it was launched in 2014. Don’t tell me how to run my newspaper. If you don’t like it – don’t visit.

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