Meet the candidates: Jamie Craig running for seat on Huron Board of Education

Photo submitted by Jamie Craig

Meet the candidates column  
The Huron Hub 
Posted Oct. 13, 2020

Editor’s note: As the 2020 election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Recently, every person running on the Huron Township ballot was invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters in this column are submitted by the candidates themselves and are not edited by Huron Hub staff. Letters are posted in the order they are received, and candidates had until Oct. 12 to submit their letters. Letters will not be accepted from the candidates after Oct. 12. 

Readers can access all candidate letters on a special section of HERE

The following letter was submitted by Jamie Craig:

Dear Fellow Huron Residents,

Thank you for taking the opportunity to get to know your Huron School Board Candidate’s. I’m honored to introduce myself, my personal and professional backgrounds as well as my priorities as a potential board member.
My name is Jamie Craig. I have been married to my husband for 24 years and we have four beautiful children and one amazing granddaughter. We have been in Huron for almost six years. After our two adult children graduated, from another district, we knew the educational path of our two younger children needed change and Huron was our choice. Fortunately, I have witnessed the impact a board can have on the outcome of a school district, both positively and negatively. I can attest that it truly takes dedication, vision and a team mentality to ensure success. A true leadership team empowers others to build and maintain success and this will be my expectation as a board member.
My professional background includes two careers, the most current – virtual kindergarten teacher. I have been in the field of education for nine years. I have my BS degree in Elementary Education, my Master’s Degree in TESOL and my Educational Specialist degree in Leadership. I also have my K-12 Administration certificate. Prior to education, I spent many years with Citigroup, as a Branch Manager in the Consumer Finance division.
I’m confident, that the blending of both careers have allowed me a plethora of experiences that will compliment the success and future of the Board of Education.
When elected, I will focus on the following areas:
  • Building relationships with all stakeholders, as a Board team (Administration, educators, community members and students)
  • Making decisions that are best for our students, while assuring transparency and fiscal responsibility
  • Always putting the needs of our students first
The passion I have for education goes beyond what I can express in words. I hope that you will trust me to be a part of the Board of Education team, to ensure continued success of the Huron School District.


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