Meet the candidates: John Chont running for reelection as trustee in Huron Township

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Photo submitted by John Chont

Meet the candidates column  
The Huron Hub 
Posted Oct. 12, 2020

Editor’s note: As the 2020 election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Recently, every person running on the Huron Township ballot was invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters in this column are submitted by the candidates themselves and are not edited by Huron Hub staff. Letters are posted in the order they are received, and candidates have until Oct. 12 to submit their letters. Letters will not be accepted from the candidates after Oct. 12. 

Readers can access all candidate letters on a special section of HERE

The following letter was submitted by John Chont:

I, John Chont, am seeking re-election to the Huron Township Board of Trustees. Our family roots have been here for over 80 years with a family farm known as Waltz Green Acre Sod Farm. We are one of the few large family owned parcels left in the township and most of you move here because of the rural setting. I attended Michigan Technological University and Wayne State University studying engineering but did not complete due to the passing of dad leaving my mother with 6 kids and me being the oldest at 20. I came back home to keep the failing business afloat and thriving.

I have served on the rotary on multiple terms as it’s president and secretary. I have served on the LDFA commission. I am involved with the good fellows, Willow Run Air Museum and the Air Show as a volunteer.

There has been many changes that have happened within the township over the last four years with the original 4 now 5 freshman trustees setting a tone that was hard to accept by incumbents. All changes, to the best of our ability, has cleaned up a mess left by the previous board eg. race track. All, over due labor contracts have been resolved. Transparency is better now then it has ever been by the televising of all board and commission meetings making them available to you on the cable network or by streaming through the township website. This was a rough one to pass with some uncomfortable of their meetings being able to be viewed by public with some saying “they don’t need to know what happens here”.

In closing you have your vote and no matter how you vote I respect you and your choice. I feel that the township is on the right path and is in better shape than it has been in years. You as voters demonstrated your confidence in us by the recent passing of the school bond for the kids and the increased in millage for our fire department. Thank you for your support. It now up to us to spend the funds to your benefit.

If you like what has happened for the last 4 years keep the same freshman now that we have a feel for what we are doing. If you want to go back to the old ways, don’t vote for us. It’s your vote, your choice. No matter how you vote I have the deepest respect for your choice and your voting rights.

Regards, John Chont



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