Letter to editor: Huron Education Association makes statement on fall return to school

Letter to the editor submitted Aug. 3, 2020

By Huron Education Association

As teachers, we want to be face to face with our students. We would LOVE to be able to go back to school, with a normal experience, if that were a possibility at this time. Unfortunately, so far, we do not know what school is going to look like in the fall, if we end up being physically back in the buildings. The one thing that we do know for sure is that it will look VERY different from a typical school day.

Many teachers have been approached by parents during the past few weeks about what school will look like in the fall. Parents want to make informed decisions, and many parents have told us that they feel that the information provided by the district was not specific enough or detailed enough to help them make the decision as to whether their child should go online or attend face to face.

A lot of parents have referenced the letter from the district, which says “It is clear that the majority of our parents and staff prefer some sort of face-to-face, in-person learning model.” Although it is true that our teachers all want to get back to normal, we did not have a majority of teachers who felt, based on the information provided by the district, that we could do it safely.

Many parents have questions about what the physical layout of classrooms will be in the coming year, how much time students would spend in each subject, how much students would be confined to their desks, and how much students will be allowed to interact with each other (group work, elementary stations, etc.).

For elementary students, what will recess look like, will they be able to have the group work, stations, and carpet time, or will they be asked to remain still and separated from one another?

For junior high and high school, how long will classes be, and how will passing time be managed, with students moving through the halls? What about vocational classes, which involve students not just moving between classes, but back and forth to other schools?

Just as we are all asked to socially distance in our everyday, adult interactions, students will be asked to maintain distance, in a way that they have not traditionally had to do.

Others have expressed concerns about the cleaning routines in the buildings, passing times, what lunch will look like, what bus runs will be like, and what will happen if a student has symptoms of COVID at any point during school.

If your child has special needs, how will those needs be met?

We suggest that you reach out to the district and school board for the information that has not yet been provided, so that you can make the best decision for your children. You have the right to specific details, in order to make the best decision for your children’s future.

If you have questions, we suggest asking direct, specific questions. The following contact information is directly from the Huron School District website:

Donovan Rowe, Superintendent:
Email: rowed@huronschools.org
Phone: (734) 782-2441 ext. 1120

Huron High School
Stephen Hudock, Principal
Email: hudocks@huronschools.org
Megan O’Brien, Assistant Principal
Email: obrienm@huronschools.org

Renton Jr. High School
Kurt Mrocko, Principal
Email: mrockok@huronschools.org
Jason Gomez, Assistant Principal
Email: gomezj@huronschools.org

Brown Elementary
Carrie Fisher, Principal
Email: fisherc@huronschools.org

Miller Elementary
Jean Gilbert, Principal
Email: gilbertj@huronschools.org

School Board
President: Jack Richert
Email: jackrichert@specialtree.com
Vice President: Trena Szawara
Email: szawarat@huronschools.org
Treasurer: Alice Whited
Email: whiteda@huronschools.org
Secretary: Scott Ferguson
Email: fergusons@huronschools.org
Trustee: Dana Town
Email: townd@huronschools.org
Trustee: Nathan Cornwall
Email: cornwalln@huronschools.org
Trustee: Cory Roupe
Email: roupec@huronschools.org

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