Free Press: Huron High School alumni asking district to stop using Native American mascot

Huron High School seen on May 17, 2020 (Huron Hub photo)

Posted by Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub| June 22, 2020

A group of Huron High School alumni is asking the Huron School District to stop using Native American imagery as its mascot, according to a Detroit Free Press report published Monday.

The report by the Free Press says the former students wrote a letter to Superintendent Donovan Rowe recently asking that the district “denounce the use of Native American stereotypes and imagery in all Huron School District capacities,” according to the Free Press report.

Rowe acknowledged the group and responded with a statement.

Read the superintendent’s response in the entire report in The Detroit Free Press 

Some of the alumni organizing the cause gathered in front of the high school last Friday wearing face masks in photos published by the Free Press.

The organizers said they planned to attend Monday’s school board meeting.

Huron Hub readers — what are your thoughts? Should mascot branding like what’s used in Huron Schools be renamed? Share your responses on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



10 thoughts on “Free Press: Huron High School alumni asking district to stop using Native American mascot

  1. Janice (Batten) Simpson

    I graduated from Huron High School in 1955 . What is wrong with people? DONT TAKE AWAY THE MASCOT

  2. Rhonda Dutton

    ”As far as being
    educated, some people may
    think mascots honor tribes,
    but they never consult with
    the tribes to find out if
    that’s the case,”

    This statement deems true for me. I always assumed it was to honor the Native Americans. Im confused why the one school district changed their name from R-Skins to Black Nights. Im confused??? Now what if the Korean- Americans are offended or the White-americans??? Will the name have to be changed again??

    No matter what, seems somebody will be offended. Just bc your offended doesnt mean we can erase history. Lets learn from history and if the name “Chiefs” came into play bc the “Chiefs” were thought as being maliscious leaders. Then maybe it should be corrected and a ceremony performed to bring and shine honor onto the “Chiefs” name.

  3. Candy Jones

    No they should not change the Huron Mascot!! We are and always have been the Chiefs. It is not a stereotype it is the Chief of the Huron Indians.

  4. Jessica Frye

    As a woman from America Native culture with 50% American native blood. I absolutely love the chiefs and am not offended by it what so ever, if anything it keeps my ancestors memory, alive. Please continue to use your mascot.

  5. elaine lane

    Why not see the emblems as a way of honoring the heritage. We are supposed to be a nation united to honor all people as created equal. We can honor without implying dishonor of others.

  6. Amanda

    As a 3rd generation Huron chief, if you don’t like the name then MOVE!! As a chief we are one tribe!!

  7. will7681

    Instead of removing Native American images and likeness from the district, why not reach out to a tribe and ask to form a relationship honoring them. Set up some educational classes and community service activities for the students.

  8. David Ticknor

    Please for the sake of all involved leave the name alone the Huron Chief’s is and should be always.

  9. Trisha

    Back in the 90’s this was started when they tried to remove the Chief symbol from the schools. The Ann Arbor school changed its mascot to a River Rat. Huron has always remained a Chief. Is it offensive? There are plenty of schools in Michigan that are named after Indigenous Tribes. Can has the Canton Chiefs as well. No one is telling them to change their names. Plymouth Rock after the rock the settlers landed on. If anything that whole situation there calls for questions more than Huron.

  10. Paul Dulz

    When a generation is devoid of character and morality, they will always seek the self righteous badge of social justice to appease their incessantly seared conscience. I’m part Indian. I don’t need someone placing me into their condescending box of perpetual victimhood. Grow a spine why don’t ya.


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