Drake Lambert of Huron Township sells signs to support local business during pandemic

Drake Lambert, 10, lives in Huron Township and has been a fan of Schwartz’s Greenhouse his whole life. He is selling signs locally, to support the business. Proceeds from the sales will buy Schwatz’s Greenhouse employees a catered meal once all the signs are sold. (Photo courtesy of Monica Sharf)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Published May 4, 2020

Drake Lambert of Huron Township wanted to give back to his community during the uncertain times and even encourage a few smiles along the way.

Drake, 10, has always been a big fan of Schwartz’s Greenhouse, said his mom, Monica Sharf.

To show and build support for a local business during the pandemic, Drake had signs printed to show support for Schwartz’s and has sold them to anyone locally who wants to display one in their yard.

“If you know Drake then you know he tells everyone his first job will be at Schwartz’s Greenhouse, so it was a no brainer when he picked their business to give back too,” Sharf said in a social media post. “Schwartz’s Greenhouse has been a staple in our community for over 60 years. They do countless fundraisers to help support our sports teams and schools. Drake has decided to sprinkle our community with these awesome signs to show Schwartz’s Greenhouse just how much our community loves them.”

Anyone who wants to purchase a sign from Drake can message Monica Sharf on Facebook.

The signs are $20 and they will deliver the signs locally.

“50% pays for the sign and the other 50% Drake will be used to do something special for Schwartz’s Greenhouse and all of their amazing staff,” Sharf said.

She said Drake has decided to use the funds to buy a catered lunch for all the staff at the greenhouse.

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