Huron parents decorate their doors to celebrate high school seniors

Graduation is a special time for a high school student. With the COVID-19 pandemic striking right near the end of the school year, it has left some seniors unsure of their futures. Local parents decided to help ease some worry and make sure their graduating students get recognized by decorating their doors. In turn, Huron High School principal Steven Hudock has shared the photos of the doors (seen here) on Twitter.

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Published April 5, 2020

Everyday life has changed quickly during the past three weeks of mandatory self isolation, especially for a group of seniors destined to celebrate a very special time in their lives.

High school seniors across the country who were set to graduate soon and take part in the special right of passage have been left confused, worried, and unsure of their futures.

Special events like prom, senior nights, and other school and social events, have been left up in the air.

With the announcement from Michigan’s governor ensuring that 2020’s senior class will graduate, many local parents have celebrated the unexpected end to the school year by decorating their doors with their student’s senior swag.

To ensure that the seniors get some added exposure, Steven Hudock, principal of Huron High School, has been sharing photos of the decorated doors on his Twitter account.

Take a look at some of the doors:

The Huron Hub would like to congratulate every high school senior graduating in 2020. We’d also like to see and share your senior doors or other photos of your student. Please share your photos by posting them on our Facebook page or Twitter page, or emailing



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