Huron Township police welcome new officer with local ties

On Wednesday, Robert Sullins, a lifelong Huron resident, was sworn in as a full time police officer by Clerk Jeremy Cady (Photos courtesy Huron Township Department of Public Safety)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Published Friday, March 6, 2020

Huron Township police welcomed a new officer to the ranks who has local ties.

On Wednesday, Robert Sullins, a lifelong Huron resident, was sworn in as a full time police officer by Clerk Jeremy Cady.

Sullins graduated from Huron High School in 2017 where he lettered in football and track.

Sullins previously worked with the Detroit Police Department as an officer after graduating  from their police academy in 2018.

He credits a Huron Township police officer for guiding him into a career in law enforcement.

“One day I was playing basketball at the park as a teenager and for no particular reason, a Huron Township Police Officer stopped to play basketball with us,” Sullins said. “I don’t remember who it was, but I remember the positive interaction we all had with him and I decided then that I wanted to be a police officer here someday. I hope that I can have the same positive influence in the community that he had with me. I am very proud and thankful to have the opportunity to work in the place that has always been home.”

Sullins thanked his mother and father, along with his grandparents, for their support, and he said he would not have been able to achieve this goal without them.

“Officer Sullins has deep roots in the Huron Township community. Throughout the hiring process, Robert’s passion for this community was evident. I am confident that we have gained a quality officer who will work hard every day to meet our department’s core values,” said Everette Robbins, director of public safety. “It is always a positive thing when you have the ability to hire an officer who has been in the community that he will serve for his entire life. The relationships, friendships and reputation that he has built in our community will be an asset to us all. I look forward to watching him grow as a police officer and see where his career will take him.”



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