Here’s how to spoil your absentee ballot, get new one, if you voted for a candidate who dropped out

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Published Wednesday, March 5, 2020

Presidential primary candidates have dropped out of the race as we head closer toward the March 10 primary election.

The original absentee ballots were printed with a total of 19 candidates on the primary ballot — 15 Democrats, current President Donald J. Trump, and three other Republicans.

If you voted absentee for one of the candidates who dropped out, you can still re-vote.

The Huron Hub asked Huron Township Clerk Jeremy Cady what a voter should do if they want to spoil their ballot and re-vote.

Here is his response:

The voter needs to contact my office to work out bringing us their spoiled ballot or having us spoil the ballot they already turned in. We can then issue a new one, except for on Election Day, those ballots can not be removed from the absentee voter counting board. Have them contact us with any questions at 734-753-4466 ext 130 or 132.



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