Officers, dispatcher commended for quickly stopping wrong-way drunken driver on I-275

Cpl. Edward Hindley (left); Officer Ahmed Kassem; and Dispatcher Alexis Powell.

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub

Published Jan. 29, 2020

Two Huron Township police officers and a dispatcher were commended recently for their swift actions in stopping a wrong-way drunken driver on I-275.

On Jan. 25 just after 2 a.m., Dispatcher Alexis Powell relayed information to Cpl. Edward Hindley and Officer Ahmed Kassem about a Ford F-150 traveling northbound in a southbound lane on I-275 near Will Carelton Road.

The officers responded by entering the freeway, against traffic, to catch the wrong-way driver.

“I am not sure what thoughts went through your mind, if anything at all, as you placed yourself in harm’s way by entering the freeway heading in the wrong direction. Your actions were selfless, brave, and ultimately heroic,” said Everette Robbins, Huron Township director of public safety, in a letter of commendation.

Officers then observed the truck driving in the left lane on the freeway exceeding 80 mph.

After pulling the driver over near I-275 and Eureka Road, officers could smell a strong oder of alcohol on his breath.

The driver’s eyes were bloodshot, he was unsteady on his feet, and he could not tell police what day of the week it was, a report said.

A breath test of the driver registered a .167 blood alcohol content.

In Michigan, .08 is considered drunk.

The driver was arrested and transported to a local medical facility.

“Shortly after this incident, I received a call from Sergeant Bettendorf who briefed me regarding this call for service. Sergeant Bettendorf was clearly proud of your actions and the quick response that each of you provided,” Robbins said. “He relayed to me that he believed this quick response, without doubt, saved multiple lives.”

You can read the entire letter of commendation here





1 thought on “Officers, dispatcher commended for quickly stopping wrong-way drunken driver on I-275

  1. Al

    Some one-way spikes on the entrance and exit ramps would prevent the great majority of these events from happening. Just saying. Not sure why the State won’t help out its citizens by making such a simple change. Sort of like gates at railroad crossings that go all the way across the road! Hmm…?


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