Orange barrel alert: here is MDOT’s weekend freeway closure list

Posted by The Huron Hub on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019 

Road work and lane closures continue this weekend across Metro Detroit.

Here is a list from MDOT of weekend lane closures.

Check for info on all projects.

All work is weather dependent and rainstorms may cause delays or cancellations.


Oakland – SB 75, University Dr to South Blvd, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9pm-Sun 5am.

Oakland – SB 75 ramp to/from University Dr, ramp intermittently closed, Fri 9pm-Sun 5am.

Oakland – EB 75BL/US24BR/Sq Lake, M-1/Wdwrd to US-24/Tele, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 7am-5pm.

Oakland – NB/SB 75, 8 Mile to 12 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 10pm-Sun 9am.

Wayne – NB/SB 75 CLOSED at Gibraltar, intermittently, Sat 8am-9am.

Wayne – NB/SB 75 ramps to WB 94, ramps closed, Fri 11pm-Sat 11:59pm.

WAYNE – NB/SB 75 CLOSED, Springwells to Clark, Fri 11pm-Mon 5am.


Macomb – WB 94, 696 to 8 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN NIGHTS, Sat 8p-Sun 8a, Sun 5p-Mon 5a.

Wayne – EB/WB 94, W. Grand Blvd to Conner, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am, depends on weather.

Wayne – EB/WB 94, 275 to US-24, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9PM-Mon 5am.


Wayne – WB 96/M-14 ramp to NB 275, ramp closed, Sat 8am-noon.

Wayne – EB/WB 96 ramps to WB 94, ramps closed, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am.


Wayne – NB 275, 96 to 5 Mile, double lane closures, Sat 8am-5pm.


Oakland – EB/WB 696 near Farmington Rd, 2 LANES OPEN, Sat 5am-Mon 5am.

M-1: (Woodward)

Oakland – SB M-1, south of 696, 2 lanes closed intermittently, Fri 9am-mid-November.


Wayne – SB M-3, south of 75, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 7am-Mon 2pm.


Oakland – NB M-5 at 14 Mile, right lane closed, Fri 9am-Mon 3pm.


Oakland – NB M10 ramp to NB US-24/Telegraph, RAMP CLOSED, Sat 11am-3pm.


Wayne – EB/WB M-14 near Beck, 1 LANE OPEN, 2 lanes closed intermittently, Sat 12pm-4pm.


Oakland – NB/SB M-24 ramp to SB 75, ramp closed intermittently, Fri 9pm-Sun 5am.


Oakland – WB M59, M-1/Woodward to telegraph 1 lane open, Sat 7am-3pm.

US-24: (Telegraph)

Oakland – SB US-24, 12 Mile to Civic Center Dr, 2 lanes open, Sat-Sun 6am-7pm.

Oakland – SB US-24, Civic Center Dr to 8 Mile, 2 lanes open, 2 lanes closed, Fri 6am-Mon 7pm.



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