No one injured in condo fire in Huron Township; public safety director dispels rumors about department’s response

A condo caught fire Monday evening in the Huron Park condominiums near Middle Belt and Van Horn Roads in Huron Township. According to authorities, a fire department command unit arrived within three minutes of the 911 call, and a ladder truck arrived within 12 minutes. (Photos courtesy of Everette Robbins)

By Scott Bolthouse—The Huron Hub
Posted Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019

No one was injured Monday evening when a condo caught fire at Huron Park condominiums near Middle Belt and Van Horn Roads in Huron Township.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation Tuesday morning, but it appears that the fire was accidental and no foul play was involved, according to Everette Robbins, director of public safety.

Robbins said the fire department did an “incredible job,” and that they were able to isolate the fire to the one condominium, saving several other condos in the community from receiving damage.

In a sign of the times, Robbins dispelled several rumors that circulated on social media in the hours after regarding the fire department’s response.

“We had a firefighter command officer on scene within three minutes of the call. That unit arrived and immediately checked for occupants in the house and began preparing the scene for extra units,” Robbins said.

According to a statistics document that Robbins shared, the command unit, who was stationed near Huron High School, received the call at 7:02 p.m. and arrived on scene at 7:05 p.m.

12 minutes after the initial call, the fire department’s ladder truck arrived to provide assistance.

This was the first time the ladder truck was used at a structure fire after the department purchased the truck last winter.

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Robbins also responded to a post that said fire hydrants in the area were not working properly.

“There was no hydrant issue,” Robbins said.

Also mentioned in a social media post was a statement made claiming that Station Three located near Middle Belt and Sibley Roads was closed. According to Robbins, this is not true.

“Station three is not closed,” he said. “We have an engine and a paid-on-call crew that responds out of that station.”

Robbins said the department staffs a full time firefighter at Station One on Sterling Street in New Boston.

“We’re transparent with the public,” Robbins said. “I think 12 minutes for a ladder truck to respond is pretty good.”

Robbins said Flat Rock, Woodhaven, and Ash Township Fire Departments all responded to assist Huron’s fire units.

Huron Valley Ambulance also responded in the case that a resident or firefighter needed medical assistance during the incident.







4 thoughts on “No one injured in condo fire in Huron Township; public safety director dispels rumors about department’s response

  1. Gail Kowalske

    This is a lie it took longer than 3 minutes to arrive and there was more than one condo involved in this fire two caught fire bad and one had water damage and one had smoke damage 😡 it took the first engine to arrive about 20 minutes from the call

  2. c j s

    I was at the bomb squad/suicide last week. I am a neighbor of that area. I must say I was impressed by that incident. As for the fire, the day after it looks like quite a blazing inferno took place. Those condos are on top of each other. Don’t know about the response times and all that. But for only seemingly one condo to be damaged is amazing. A little water damage and smoke on neighboring condos, that close to each other, is to be expected. I did drive by the fire as it was happening and again, I was impressed. We have quite a few qualified people and state of the art equipment, for a small town. I do think the Middlebelt and Sibley station should be more than on-call. I live on the east side of the train. I would feel better if people were immediately available if I ever need them.


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