New Boston Girl Scout earns Gold Award after building press box for Huron High School

Sydney Ziegler of New Boston built a press box for Huron High School’s softball program, allowing them to be able to host district competitions, and earning her the Girl Scout’s Gold Award. (Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub
Posted May 23, 2019 — 11:30 a.m. EST

Sydney Ziegler of New Boston was recently honored by Girls Scouts of Southeastern Michigan with the Gold Award for her contribution to the Huron community.

Ziegler, 16, built a press box for Huron High School’s softball program, allowing the teams to be eligible to host district competitions.

She was among 25 total scouts who were honored by the organization with the prestigious award.

“Gold Award Girl Scouts are change agents who show leadership and citizenship skills that help them stand out among their peers by making a sustainable impact in their communities,” a statement from Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan said.

Ziegler said her Gold Award project helped her to grow as a leader and to accomplish a goal.

“Through my Gold Award project, I learned how to show leadership to get something done,” said Ziegler, an 11th grade student at Huron High School. “The Press Box will benefit so many athletes and visitors and I really enjoyed completing my project while being able to and help others.”

Zeigler said she wanted a press box that would be available for use during the school season for her school’s team, but also benefit the community.

She worked with the Sportsmans Club and Huron Rotary Club to raise donations and nail-down the labor needed to build and paint the press box.

The recently completed project will benefit high school, middle school, little league, and travel teams in Huron.

The press box also gives organizations the opportunity to host clinics or tournaments at the location.

“Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is truly a remarkable achievement, and these young women exemplify leadership in all its forms,” said Denise Dalrymple, chief executive officer of GSSEM. “They saw a need in their communities and took action. Their extraordinary dedication, perseverance, and leadership are making the world a better place.”

According to a study by the Girl Scout Research Institute on the impact of the Gold Award, awarded Girl Scouts display more positive life outcomes than non–Girl Scout alums, including having a positive sense of self and greater life satisfaction, leadership, community service, and civic engagement.

Some universities and colleges even offer scholarships unique to Gold Award Girl Scouts, and girls who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces may receive advanced rank in recognition of their achievement.

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