Superintendent thanks voters for supporting Huron Schools bond proposal

Donovan Rowe, superintendent of Huron Schools

By Scott Bolthouse
The Huron Hub
Posted May 9, 2019 – 8:15 a.m. EST

Following the passage of the Huron Schools bond proposal earlier this week, Superintendent Donovan Rowe thanked the community in a letter on Wednesday.

“On behalf of the Huron School District and the Board of Education, I would like to thank you for your support of the Huron Bond Issue Proposal,” he said in the letter.

“One of the great benefits of being part of this community is that we are drawn together by a sense of unity and family. That spirit has always been a presence in the school district, and it continues to work as a string to pull us closer together as a community.”

Voters in Huron supported the proposal Tuesday during a special election.

2,566 voters cast a ballot during the election.

1,648 voted yes, 918 voted against.

“I am proud of our efforts, and I am excited for the students, parents, staff, and community members of Huron. In the coming months, we will continue our planning efforts in order to get started on the work ahead. We will work hard to be good stewards of the funds needed to improve facilities and programs for our kids,” Rowe said.

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