Everyday leaders: Brown Elementary students, staff give back to community

Brown Elementary students proved that today’s youth can be leaders in their local community. During the month of April, students and staff at the school collected donations that were presented to different organizations last Friday. (All photos courtesy of Cynthia Wyszynski)

By Scott Bolthouse--The Huron Hub
Published May 6, 2019 -- 11:00 a.m. EST

Brown Elementary students proved that today’s youth can be leaders and have an impact in their local community.

Students and staff at the school in New Boston came together recently and gave back to the community by collecting piles of donations as part of a school-wide program called “Leader In Me.”

On Friday, the students presented the donations to several different community groups during a special school event.

At the beginning of April, each grade organized and collected items for a local organization.

During the event last Friday, representatives from each grade presented the collected items to members of the organizations.

Leader in Me is a school leadership development program for both students and staff members. The program integrates timeless leadership principles into the school culture, which in return helps build important skills such as self-confidence, accountability, empathy, and academic achievement.

Learn more about the Leader in Me school program by visiting leaderinme.org

Photos from the Leader in Me Community Service Celebration at Brown Elementary School courtesy of Cynthia Wyszynski.



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