Letter to the editor: Support the Huron Schools bond proposal on May 7

Letter to the editor posted April 24, 2019 -- 10:00 a.m. EST

As President of the Huron School District Board of Education, it is my great pleasure to ask for support of the bond proposal on May 7, 2019.

Huron School District is committed to continued improvement in the education and safety of the kids we serve. I believe that this bond proposal does exactly that. To do so, the Administration and the Board have, over the last 18 months, sought the input of the community through a series of meetings with our many stakeholders. This plan incorporates the recommendations of many of these community group beginning with safety and including every building. Additionally, the plan addresses two other important issues, growth and quality. To address growth, we commissioned a growth study to ensure that we are addressing our future needs, and to continue to provide a quality education to all of our students, we are focusing on early childhood development, where it all starts! By starting with a new early childhood development center at Sunnyside, our District will be building on a firm foundation with each of the kids we serve. This bond will also allow the district to upgrade existing systems in heating, lighting, parking and athletics, many of which will reduce long-term costs. All of this can be accomplished with no change to the tax rate. I am proud of the financial stewardship of our Board, past and present. We have worked to improve the quality of education while maintaining financial stability in an unstable environment.

This bond proposal is the result of years of preparation by the leadership of the District. I urge support of the positive direction of our District by voting yes on May 7 – it is simply the right thing to do for our kids, our community and our future!

Jack Richert
President, Board of Education
Huron School District

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2 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Support the Huron Schools bond proposal on May 7

  1. Robert Cortese

    Why does title of this article state the vote is MAY 9 ? Are you purposely trying to deceive voters?
    Will parochial schools receive any of this money or do their parents just pay the tax but receive none of the benefits?

    1. Scott Bolthouse Post author

      Robert – an original version of this article was published with a typo in the headline. If you visit the link to the story, you will see it was changed after the original, incorrect headline was fixed. That incorrect headline will appear that way for email subscribers who received the story to their inbox before the fix was made. For you to suggest I would intentionally deceive anyone, is asinine. I will leave it at that. I do not have an answer to your second question.


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