Police at Sibley and Vining Roads are enforcing spring weight restrictions

(Huron Hub file photo)

By Scott Bolthouse | The Huron Hub |

Published March 26, 2019 — 9:30 a.m. EST

If you’ve noticed a police presence at Sibley and Vining Roads in Huron Township as of late, it’s because police use the area to enforce spring weight restrictions, commonly referred to as frost laws.

“The state has enacted the frost law weight restrictions for truck traffic. These start and end dates are controlled by the state and county. We are unsure of the end date at this point,” said Everette Robbins, Huron Director of Public Safety.

This infographic from the Michigan Department of Transportation explains why spring weight restrictions are important for the health of roadways.

“Sibley and Vining is the area that most of the truck weighing is taking place. We are routing the truck there to be weighed as it is a safe way for the officers to do it,” he said.

“It is important that we protect our roads as best we can.”


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