Clerk’s office responds to water bill issues some residents are experiencing

Published Feb. 19, 2019 — 2:15 p.m.

Here is a statement from the township clerk’s office regarding residents who are experiencing a water billing issue:

There have been several residents who have stated they did not receive their water bill yet. I have spoken to the Water Department (this office is not under my jurisdiction as the Clerk) regarding why the bills have not been delivered. They stated that they do generate the bills in house, then take the batch (depending on what part of the township is being billed at that time) to the New Boston post office. I went to the post office in New Boston today and spoke to the staff there. They indicated and verified by receipts that the Water Department did drop them off on February 8, 2019 to them. The process from there is that USPS sends them to the Detroit sorting facility and they just received them back TODAY to place on mail trucks. So the bills that are due 3-6-2019 should be hitting mailboxes any day now.

There were a few other residents who stated they got their bill in the mail the same day it was due. USPS advised us to look at the bill itself for barcode errors or double barcodes (this indicates there was an issue in sorting). We did notice this was the case on all the ones brought to the Water Departments attention. I believe the Water Department has made arrangements for these few affected residents.

If you have billing questions on water/sewer, please contact the Water Department at 734-753-4466 Ext: 123 or 124.

Source: Clerk Jeremy Cady

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