Huron Township police hire new officer

Crystal Niewiadomski being sworn in at Huron Township Hall by Clerk Jeremy Cady. (Photo/Huron Township police)

By Scott Bolthouse |The Huron Hub |

There is a new officer joining the ranks of Huron Township police.

Crystal Niewiadomski was sworn in at Huron Township Hall by Clerk Jeremy Cady on Jan. 30.

Niewiadomski is a 2018 graduate of Lake Superior State University’s 50th police academy class.

In May of 2018, she received three bachelor’s degrees from Lake Superior State University.

Niewiadomski is the department’s second full-time female officer.

The other full-time officer is Detective Kari Schneider.

The department also employs part-time officer Krissy Faull.

“Throughout the hiring process, I was very impressed with Crystal’s great ethical character, along with her excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. Her eagerness to learn and how excited she is to be a part of this community is fun to watch. Knowing how hard she has worked to get herself to this point in her life, I was extremely proud watching her be sworn in. She grew up in a small town similar to Huron Township and I think she understands how special a small tight-knit community like Huron is,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.



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