Public Safety Director updates community on train cameras, parking enforcement at Huron Schools


Huron Public Safety Director Everette Robbins

Huron Public Safety Director Everette Robbins updated the community on Facebook Monday regarding two issues in the township: the train cameras at the local railroad crossings, and a parking situation at the local schools:

A train camera update. After many months of working with DTE Energy, we finally have electrical power installed at all 7 of the train camera sites. Since the cameras were installed, we have been working off solar powered batteries to generate power. Once we got close to the power completion, we made the decision not to purchase additional solar batteries. We apologize that the train cameras have been down, but we are close to having them back up and running with electrical power. Thanks goes out to Supervisor Glaab, Jim Hollandsworth of Hennessey Engineering, and Bernie Yoscovits of XG Security Services for their assistance in working with us to improve this service. We look forward to getting this service back up and running for our residents.

Second, we have been having issues with handicap parking at all of our Huron Schools. This has especially been a problem recently at Brown Elementary during drop off and pick up times. We have received numerous calls, complaints, and pictures from parents about these violations. Regardless if you only plan to “park there for a minute”, these spots are intended for those that truly need them. This includes those sitting in their cars waiting to pick up their student and those that forgot their placard at home. We have worked hard with the Huron School District to clearly mark the handicap spots and we must enforce these violations. We do not want to issue violations to our residents, but I am sure you will all agree there is absolutely no excuse for anyone park in a handicap space that does not need it. We will continue to have officers enforce these violations, but ask for your cooperation to avoid enforcement.

As always, feel free to call, email, or stop by and see me with any questions. I look forward to any feedback you may have.


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