Annual report says crime is down in Huron Township in 2018

By Scott Bolthouse |The Huron Hub |

Crime is down across the board in Huron Township in 2018, according to an annual report released by the Huron Township Department of Public Safety.

“Our crime statistics continue to decline in all of the major areas. Our violent crimes grouping that includes larceny and burglary is down over 37 percent, which is remarkable,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“I hope that our residents will find this annual report useful and, as always, I am happy to take calls or have them stop by if they have any questions about this report. Our number one goal is providing a high level of quality service to those we proudly serve.”

You can read the entire report by clicking here

In 2018, the department responded to 2,730 calls for police service — a decrease of 4.139 percent from the previous year.

The majority of the calls were classified into three separate groups.

Group A incidents, which include homicide, kidnapping, robbery, forcible sexual assaults, aggravated and non-aggravated assaults, larceny, burglary and damage to property, were down 37.162 percent.

In 2018 there were 296 incidents, in 2017 there were 406.

Group B includes operating while intoxicated (OWI), disorderly conduct, liquor law violations, misdemeanor sex offenses and non-violent family offenses, were down 12.19 percent.

In 2018 there were 164 incidents, 2017 there were 184.

Group C includes traffic offenses, juvenile offenses and warrant arrests, were down 2.89 percent.

2018 totaled 933 incidents, in 2017 there were 960.

“This is a direct result of our officer’s efforts. Our officers self-initiated more than 30,000 traffic stops throughout our township in 2018. I believe high visibility, while being proactive, is the key to the decline in crime in our township. As the report details, our arrests initiated through traffic stops are extremely high. Although it is hard to quantify, I think these arrests stop many crimes before they have a chance to happen.,” Robbins said.

“We have some exciting things happening in 2019, especially within our fire department. We anticipate the addition of two new fire trucks in 2019, including one fire truck that will give our firefighting staff an aerial truck option when battling a structure fire. In addition, we have seven new recruits that we anticipate becoming an important part of our growing department. I cannot wait to see their continued growth under the leadership of Chief Jamie Hinojosa.”

Additionally, Robbins thanked a handful of retirees who signed-off from the department in 2018.

“I want to thank our 2018 retirees Duane Griffis, Karen Stackpoole, and Terry Allore for their dedicated service to Huron Township. They will certainly be missed.”


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