Government meetings are now streamed online

All government meetings are now streamed and stored in one convenient spot online 

Huron Township government meetings are now being streamed on a recently launched website.

Visit the website at this link:

The website live streams the meetings, and also hosts an archive of past meetings.



3 thoughts on “Government meetings are now streamed online

  1. Robert cortese

    I have attended quite a few township trustee meetings.One part of the meetings allows for public comments..However at no time in the meeting are the taxpayers who elected these officials allowed to ask questionsonly present their opinions..Very unusual interpretation of our democratic principles when the public cannot question our elected officials in a public forum.I wonder what they are trying to hide.

    1. Scott Bolthouse Post author

      Hi, Robert. I can understand your frustration. I do believe, however, that it’s called “public comment” for a reason. The board has never treated that part of the agenda as a question and answer session. They allow the public to voice their concerns, but I have never seen the board try to use that time to answer questions directly. I’ve covered many board meetings in the past, and I’ve also covered board and city council meetings in other cities. This is usually the same in other communities as well. Just thought I’d give you my thoughts. Have you tried visiting/calling township hall to get your answers?

      1. Robert Cortese

        Thanks Scott You are correct the board has never answered questions.That is my point.I would be ectastic if the Board explained some of their decisions .Hopefully their answers would enlighten myself and the general public .Yes I have visited and called officials at the township hall to answer my concerns which I and others have.made.Their responses are vague or defensive.In a public forum I believe a more truthful and accurate answer would have to be given since every word is recorded.To answer the taxpayer” off the record”away from the camera is a very unaccountable way to explain one’s actions.Especially for a public servant who his accountable to his constituents.Robert Kennedy was said “ Some people see things as they are and ask why ? I. dream of things that never were …and ask Why not?

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