Department of Public Safety hosting annual ‘Shop with a Hero’ event Tuesday evening

From the Huron Township Department of Public Safety:

This evening, The Huron Township Department of Public Safety will host it’s annual Shop With a Hero Christmas event. Primarily funded on community donations, six children will ride to the Flat Rock Meijer Store for a shopping spree. Each child will get a personal ride to the event in either a fire truck or police car.

The police and fire vehicles will be travelling with lights and sirens activated to and from the event. Last year, we received a couple complaints about the fact that we traveled in this fashion and cars had to pull over for a non-emergency. The intent of this is to provide the children with a night they will never forget and what better way to do that than lights and sirens. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

In the event that you would like to see our emergency vehicle parade, the following is our routing starting at approximately 6:00p.m. from the Huron Township Police Department:

South Huron to Waltz to Willow to Huron River Dr. (Past the High School) to Van Horn to Arsenal to Vreeland (Ending at Meijer). Reverse route returning.

All police, dispatch, and fire personnel working the event are volunteering their time.

We appreciate all of the support from the community to support some wonderful children. Any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Public Safety Everette Robbins at 734-753-4400.

Happy Holidays,

Director Robbins

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