Public Safety Department updates community on several issues

I wanted to take a moment to update our residents on some things that we have been working on around our community.

First, I have heard many complaints about the garbage issues on South Huron. I also observe these issues each and every day. I had a lengthy meeting today with the management of Republic Services (Recycling Center). They were advised that we intended to continue to cite trucks leaving their center and losing garbage onto our roads. At the end of the meeting, they immediately assigned staff to clean South Huron all the way to the freeway as best they could. I witnessed their efforts. They also agreed to hire a street sweeping company to come at least weekly to clean the affected areas. I commend the efforts and thank our residents who took the time to lead clean up efforts on South Huron recently. I promise that we will stay on top of this issue and continue to take enforcement.

Second, we are continuing to take enforcement action against car hauler vehicles impeding traffic at TDSI near Sibley and I-275. Despite hundreds of issued citations, the issue and problem remains. We are working with MDOT and you should see no parking signs on the Sibley ramps very soon. We have attempted to work with TDSI management about the issues several times over the last four years and they have not been able or willing to provide an adequate solution. This is a safety issue for our residents and we remain committed to continuing to take enforcement action in that area.

I am in the process of requesting speed studies from Wayne County on multiple roads within the township. We have done this in the past and have not been successful. We will be using up to date statistical information to once again request speed limit adjustments and will update you on the progress of any requests.

Lastly, we have received numerous requests about drivers disregarding stop signs throughout the community. Please take this opportunity to speak to your teen drivers about the importance of obeying traffic signals and please be aware of it as well. Since Oct. 1, our department has issued 22 citations for disobeying a stop sign and 13 citations for avoiding or disobeying a traffic control device. We will not catch every offender, but I want our residents to know we are making every effort to control the problem.

We always make an honest effort to communicate effectively with our residents. I intend to do more of these types of updates to keep you informed as to the issues that affect each of our quality of life. As always, my door is always open. Feel free to drop by, call me at 734-753-4400, or email me at

Source: Huron Township Department of Public Safety

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