Former interns hired-on with Huron Township Public Safety Department

The Huron Township Department of Public Safety has hired several employees who have been products of the Huron Township Public Safety Intern Program that was established in late 2014. Our organization has established relationships with numerous colleges and universities throughout the state. Interns are assigned to different divisions within our department depending on their areas of study. Interns are unpaid positions who receive college credit in return for their work time.

“I am very proud of the success of our internship and co-op program. Recruiting and retention of quality employees is always a challenge in public safety. What better way for not only us to get to know them, but also for them to get to know our organization. It is never lost on me that each of them could have chosen to work anywhere they wanted, but still chose our organization,” said Everette Robbins, director of public safety.

The following are employees hired following successful completion of our intern/ co-op program:

Jordan Longenbarger was an intern for the Huron Township Police Department in 2017 and 2018 from Spring Arbor University. Longenbarger graduated from the Washtenaw Community College Police Academy on September 14th, 2018. He was sworn in as a Huron Township Police Officer at the Board of Trustees meeting on September 26th, 2018 by Clerk Jeremy Cady. He is pictured below with his mother, Kate, following the swearing in ceremony.

“Jordan came to our department as an intern and earned instant respect from all of us with his positive attitude. He is an extremely intelligent and motivated young officer. I was so proud to watch Jordan walk across the stage and graduate in our uniform. Immediately following graduation, he told me that he is very excited to become a part of this community and get to know our residents. I have been fortunate to know Jordan and his family for several years. He comes from a great family that has a tradition of being in Law Enforcement, beginning with his uncle and his father Dan. We are lucky to have Jordan with us and know that anything is possible for him,” Robbins said.

Jordan Longenbarger (left) and Everette Robbins, Huron director of public safety.

Ryan Wright was officially hired as a firefighter at the Board of Trustees meeting on September 26th, 2018. Ryan will be attending firefighter training this month and upon graduation, will become a paid-on-call firefighter. Ryan was the first ever Huron Township Department of Public Safety Co-op student in partnership with Summit Academy Schools during the 2017-2018 school year.

“The relationship that we developed with Ryan was exactly what we hoped to achieve with the implementation of our student co-op program. I have never seen a young man more eager to learn. He came highly recommended by all the High School Staff at Summit Academy North High School and we thank them for allowing him to work with us. He has an incredible work ethic and deserves this opportunity and jump start into adult life. I can wait to see his future achievements,” Robbins said.

Ryan Wright (left) with his mom, Elizabeth.

Angelica Gonzales was an intern with the Huron Township Department of Public Safety in 2016 from Eastern Michigan University. She is currently the records clerk for the Huron Township Fire Department.

“Angelica mastered so many of the duties of the records department as an intern that we knew we had to find a way to make her a part of our team. She quietly comes to work everyday and goes above and beyond to make sure the records department runs efficiently. She is the first friendly face our residents see when they come to our department and I feel very fortunate to have her with us,” Robbins said.

Angelica Gonzales

Alexis Powell was an intern with the Huron Township Department of Public Safety in January of 2017 out of the University of Michigan Dearborn. She was initially hired as a records clerk in July of 2017 and promoted to the position of full-time dispatcher in November of 2017.

“Alexis has quickly established herself as a well-respected and trusted dispatcher who I am very proud of. The importance of an emergency dispatcher is often underestimated, but there is no doubt that dispatchers are the glue that holds everything together and the ones that make sure we all go home safely to our families each night. Almost every day an officer or a firefighter make it a point to tell me how much they trust Alexis and appreciate her efforts. To me, that is the ultimate show of respect for a young lady that I believe can achieve anything she sets her mind to in this profession,” Robbins said.

Alexis Powell

Officer Vincent Price is currently assigned to the Traffic Services Division of the Huron Township Police Department. He was an intern with the Huron Township Department of Public Safety out of Baker College in 2014 and 2015. Since being hired, he has become a PPCT Instructor and Accident Reconstruction Investigator.

“Vinnie established himself quickly earned respect as an intern with his team first attitude. He was our first intern to graduate the police academy and walk across the stage in the Huron Township uniform. He had the opportunity to work anywhere he wanted and chose our community and for that, I am grateful. He is a quiet leader and professional officer who is a great example to us all. He has great work ethic and never has a bad day. The sky is the limit for what he can achieve, and I am proud to be a small part of what I know will be a great career,” Robbins said.

Officer Vincent Price

Officer Thomas Smith is currently assigned to the Traffic Services Division of the Huron Township Police Department. He was an intern with the Huron Township Department of Public Safety out of Ferris State University in 2014. Since being hired, he has become a Taser Instructor, Field Training Officer, Reserve Officer Coordinator, bicycle patrol unit, and has been honored by MADD multiple times for his efforts to eliminate impaired driving in Huron Township. Officer Smith is a lifelong resident of Huron Township and graduated from Huron High School in 2011.

“Tom is a young man with outstanding character who always puts everyone else first. I am very proud of the hard work and determination that he has shown throughout his life to get here, nothing has ever been given to him. He has taken on multiple responsibilities within our department and puts everything he has into each and every assignment. I am always proud of the great pride that he takes in working in the community where he grew up. He is truly dedicated to this department and more importantly, the residents of Huron Township,” Robbins said.

Officer Thomas Smith

Source: Huron Township Department of Public Safety


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