Township Clerk: Wayne County says bridge construction scheduled to begin in August

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

It’s no secret that the closure of the Waltz Road bridge has been on the forefront of minds of residents, township officials and local business owners, ever since it was announced last summer that it was scheduled to be replaced.

It’s also no secret that updates on the progress of the bridge have been hard to track down.

For the record, The Huron Hub has contacted Wayne County Public Services on several occasions recently for an update on the bridge, and so far, not one of those calls or emails has been returned.

On Tuesday, Jeremy Cady, Huron Township clerk, released an update on the bridge project given to him from Wayne County Commissioner Al Haidous.

“Our County Commissioner Al Haidous has advised the Township including me personally that the replacement of the bridge is scheduled to begin in August of 2018 with an anticipated completing of November of 2018. This information is being relayed to him from the Wayne County Department of Public Services, the entity responsible for the bridge. As of today, the County does not anticipate any further delays in the project.

“Although this project is happening much later than it should, it is my duty as your Clerk to give you the best information that I have regarding our Township. The elected officials of Huron Township have expressed for over a year to Wayne County the displeasure and inconvenience concerns that this bridge closure has caused the Township Residents and the businesses in the Township.

“Commissioner Haidous has stated he will personally keep me updated of any status changes of the project.”

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