Huron Township police sergeant promoted to lieutenant

Public Safety Director Everette Robbins pins a lieutenant badge on Bryan Tyitye. All Photos courtesy of Huron Township Department of Public Safety.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

Bryan Tyitye, a veteran officer who has worked with Huron Township police since 1995, was promoted to lieutenant during the March 14 Board of Trustees meeting.

Tyitye was surrounded by his wife, daughters, grandchildren, and fellow officers during the unanimous decision by the board.

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Tyitye has spent much of his career with Huron police as a school liaison officer, DARE Officer, and assisted in launching the explorer program and safety village.

He was promoted to sergeant in 2015, was named supervisor of the year in 2016, and is a recent graduate of Secret Service Computer Forensics Program.

He graduated from Eastern Michigan University’s School of Staff and Command in 2017 and is responsible for the internal technology of the department, which includes reporting systems, in-car computers, and forensic computers.

Additionally, he is responsible for the fleet and maintenance of the department’s police vehicles.

“Lt. Tyitye is the type of person and employee that we all challenge ourselves to be. He has always put the children of this township first and has had a positive impact on so many young lives. This promotion is well deserved, and I couldn’t be happier for Bryan and his wonderful family,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“It was a proud moment for us to promote Lt. Tyitye with his family at his side. What often gets lost in our profession is the effect that our job can have on our families and how important a family support system can be. I know they are as proud of him as we are.”

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1 thought on “Huron Township police sergeant promoted to lieutenant

  1. Pat Tyitye

    This is a wonderful article for our Son, Bryan. We have only two shirts left that have any buttons left on them. He has always been the kind of child that always showed how he cared for all the other kids in the neighborhood. He would go out of his way to take a child buy the hand and maybe play a little baseball with him, or anything they wanted. They all loved him. We’re so happy to see that he has taken it into his adulthood with him. He has always been active and has shocked us with some of the things he would do, and we never knew he was so capable to handle it. As time went by, he had gotten into so many things (self-taught, mind you) and I don’t believe there is anything he can’t do. Just ask around at the station. There is so much more I can say, but I would have to get a publisher and find a good artist (Bryan’s daughter, Kari) to work out the book cover for it. I’ve probably embarrased him enough, so I will say that “I Love You” and leave it right there. Thanks for listening to us. Bryan’s parents, George and Pat Tyitye.


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