Huron Township recognized for being on safest city list, most popular small city to relocate to

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

Huron Township has felt some love recently after being recognized on a list of the safest cities in Michigan, as well as being named 44 most popular small cities in America to relocate to., the official site of the National Council for Home Safety and Security, recently released a list of the top 100 safest cities in Michigan in 2018, and Huron Township came in at 44.

The list cited 28 violent crimes and 198 property crimes in Huron Township during the year that the data was recorded.

Huron Township has a population of over 15,000, according to the latest census.

Number one on the list was nearby community Grosse Ile Township with a population of 10,123.

They recorded only 2 violent crimes and 15 property crimes in the latest year for which data is available, according to

Let the love continue., a technology company and website that provides moving tools to help people relocate, listed Huron Township as number 44 most popular small cities in America to relocate to.

MoveBuddha uses statistics from their website to figure out which small cities people are most interested in moving to.

“Every month thousands of people use our moving cost calculator to help plan their relocation,” said Cristina Tyris, outreach coordinator for MoveBuddha.

“We used this data to figure out the most searched places in America to relocate to with populations between 10,000 to 50,000.”

They then analyzed the thousands of searches submitted to their website over the past year to see which cities and towns in the U.S. are being searched the most.

Huron Township topped that list.

For a full list of cities on the MoveBuddha study, visit this link.


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