Officer lauded for saving Huron Township resident stuck in her garage for over 24 hours

Officer Ahmed Kassem

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—

Ahmed Kassem, a police officer in Huron Township, was commended Wednesday for using his instincts and coming to the aid of a resident who had suffered a medical emergency and was stuck in her garage for over 24 hours.

It all started early Tuesday morning in the 37000 block of Dianne Lane.

Kassem was on patrol at 2:19 a.m. when he noticed a snow blower left unattended in the middle of the road.

After finding the snow blower’s owner, he told Kassem that he abandoned it there because he was chased away by a large dog that was roaming in the neighborhood.

Kassem decided to investigate further and knock on doors in the neighborhood to see if he could find the dog’s owner.

A neighbor in the 37500 block of Dianne Lane told the officer that the dog belonged to a nearby resident, and that it was out of the norm for it to be wandering in the cold unattended.

Kassem then talked with a second neighbor, who said that he had not seen the dog’s owner in a few days.

After finding the house where the dog lived, Kassem noticed a purse in the window inside of the house, and the dog sat next to the back door with the officer as he tried to locate the owner.

At that point, he called for backup and was able to locate a family member who could open the garage door for him.

Kassem, along with Officer Troy Rickelmann and Sgt. Robert Kelch, entered the garage and found the resident breathing but in need of immediate medical attention.

She had suffered a medical emergency and was showing signs of hypothermia and also had significant injuries to the lower portion of her body.

The officers administered first aid and gave the resident blankets as they waited for Huron Township firefighters and Huron Valley Ambulance to respond.

“I can tell you without hesitation that to this victim, her family, and to this community, your actions were heroic,” Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said.

“Without your actions, efforts, and quick response, it is likely that we would have lost the life of one of our valued residents.”

Robbins added: “The residents of this wonderful and supportive community deserve to know that when they lay down to sleep each and every night, they and their families are well protected.”

View the full letter of commendation by clicking here


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