Swift Transportation hosting third annual Christmas dinner for veterans Dec. 17

Swift Transportation and Swift Charities will be hosting our 3rd Annual Swift Christmas Dinner for Our Veterans and we need your help to make this the biggest and best dinner we have held. Please gather your family and friends and come out to enjoy a great afternoon visiting with our veterans and enjoy a relaxing dinner with them and their families.

View full details about the dinner here

I would like to thank everyone who has supported our event and who have had a direct hand in making these dinners possible and a huge success. Your generosity has made a difference to many of our veterans and their families. You are appreciated.

Thank you to each Swift Transportation employee who has contributed to Swift Charities. Swift Charities is 100% employee funded and our employees helped make this event possible, as well. Not only do they contribute to Swift Charities but they volunteer and make monetary contributions to this event. We have many veterans employed with us and we have to have many more join our team. We have one member of our Swift New Boston team who has made this event their standing Christmas dinner with their whole family. Thank you Julie Baughman and family for the support you show our veterans.

There are so many people to thank for making this event possible but I have three great people in Huron Township I want to personally thank. The first two being, Angie Ferguson Green and her daughter, Katie Green. The Green family has been supporting this event yearly and has done a stellar job. They not only volunteer their time the day of the event but they both work tirelessly on gathering auction items and getting tickets out to the community but they bring their whole family to the dinner. They have make this a family affair. Their contribution is felt is so many ways. A big thank you to the Green Family of Huron Township.

We know there are many mothers of veterans in the area and one I want to thank is Mary Ann Baryliski-Rowland of Huron Township. Mrs. Baryliski-Rowland called me and with heart-felt emotion volunteered her time to help at our event. Not only did she volunteer to help the day of the event, she has went beyond that and has gathered auction items and has help spread the word for our Christmas Dinner for Our Veterans. Mrs. Baryliski-Rowland thank you for what you are doing and know your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please come out Dec. 17 and spend the afternoon with our veterans and meet some of the people who make this great day possible. With your support, we can make this day the biggest and best Christmas dinner for our veterans.

On behalf of Swift Transportation New Boston and Swift Charities, I would like to thank all of our veterans and active military men and women for their service. Without you, there would be no US.

Source: Denise Adkins, Swift Transportation 

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